Thursday, January 7, 2016


My Vision of Health
I radiate vitality, health and positive energy from the inside out. My body is wise and I listen to its wisdom. I am grounded and balanced and my endocrine, lymphatic and respiratory systems are in perfect flow. With each day I am creating a body that is hydrated and free of inflammation. My blood is rich with oxygen, and the food I eat nourishes every cell. I care for myself through exercise, eating the right foods and getting proper rest. I show gratitude for all the gifts my abundant life is bringing me and I share my gifts with others.
Let me give you a picture of how I felt before TAFHY. I was tired almost all the time, drank too much coffee and had at least 2-3 sleepless, restless nights/week. There was some motivation to exercise but it was not consistent. I had stress-related pain in my body, my body was full of inflammation and I suffered terribly with menstrual pain. To add insult to injury, I had recently gone through a devastating break-up, a home robbery and a last minute, stressful move. This took a negative toll on my self-esteem. I had lost sight of what self-care, self-love and health meant and was turning to gummy bears, wine and Netflix for comfort. Cringe! I didn’t feel good and I wanted to change that. I started to ask the universe for help and BOOM! Michele’s invitation arrived. It was such a gift.

Today I feel like a different person – a new me. To illustrate my point, here’s a before and after snapshot about the state of my health:

BEFORE                                                                                 AFTER

BSQ = 100                                                                   BSQ = 41
That’s a 60% reduction in symptoms (none of which were “worth seeing a Dr. for” but were impacting my quality of life). The inflammation is completely gone from my body.
Glandular = 15                                                             Glandular = 7
Nerves = 13                                                                 Nerves = 4
Reproductive = 10                                                       Reproductive = 6
Respiratory    = 10                                                       Respiratory    = 6

158lbs                                                                          148lbs
I lost 4” overall

97.3 F                                                                          97.5F

Saliva dropped like lead to the bottom of the glass before – After, it took 5 minutes for only a portion of the saliva to get to the bottom.

Energy levels: I have energy ALL DAY LONG! No more reaching for that extra cup of coffee – I cruise through my afternoons with consistent energy and I make it all the way to bedtime without so much as a yawn. I have only had 5 restless nights throughout this entire program compared to 2-3 nights/week before.

Attitude: I find myself experiencing little moments of gratitude throughout each day. Overall, I feel more positive and less prone to frustration.

I feel GOOD ENOUGH and I’m relieved to have found the right foods that satisfy me, that are fun to eat and that taste good. My cravings for sugar and other junk foods are almost gone completely.

My physical fitness has improved: I’ve tried 2 new forms of exercise – Zumba and Kung Fu (by the way, the Kung Fu move: “Tiger Claw” is really fun!); I’ve booked a snowboard vacation to Montana in February 2016; I can swim longer distances than ever before; my flexibility has returned to what it was when I was 15 years old.  

Psychological: I have let go of grief and other negative emotions that were holding me back. I can handle challenging situations with grace, calm and professionalism (at work) and with a grain of salt (at home). My anxiety levels have become remarkably low (almost non-existent). I laugh more often and sadness fades faster than before. I have a deep sense of self-confidence that feels unstoppable.

I have a deeper awareness of the signals my body is sending me. The past 2 weeks were quite stressful and I felt tension in my shoulders and neck. I kept eating right, exercising and taking my herbs but I immediately went to my massage therapist to help get that stagnant energy flowing again. The pain I was feeling was stress and it had to go - before TAFYH I would have let myself suffer and comforted myself with junk food.

I am so grateful and proud to have been part of this program. I now feel like I have all the tools I need to move forward and continue to build a life full of self-love and good health.

MY HEALTH PLAN: by Kelly-Anne


-Daily exercise (at least 30 minutes/day): swimming, walking, yoga, Kung Fu, Zumba, snowboarding, skating and other outdoor activities. Try to exercise outdoors at least 3 times/week (even in winter).

-Ionic Breathing

-Cat’s Claw


-Red:     Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic & Solstic Energy
-Yellow: Flax Hull Lignans
-White:   Colatrim for a total of 4 months; continue to eat walnuts and other white foods daily
-Blue: water and berries in a daily smoothie
-Green: Chlorophyll


Psyllium Hulls Combination: daily
LBSII – will use as needed throughout the year
Bowel Cleanse: 4 times/year (January, April, July, October)
Kidney Flush: 3 times/year (January, July, October)
Liver Flush: 3 times/year (January, July, October)


Candida Clear: January

Glandular: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
Reproductive: Flax Hull Lignans, Women’s Formula
Raise Body Temperature:
1.      Candida Cleanse
2.      Red foods including Mineral Chi Tonic, red meat, fats, oils, Capsium
3.      Exercise
4.      Detox of blood: Flax hull lignans
5.      Massage therapy
6.      Daily gratitude

BSQ every 2 months to monitor progress and change direct support as needed