Thursday, January 14, 2016

Success by Michael

Success Stories
My sinuses have cleared up thus I can breathe freely. Sharp small stabbing pains have disappeared. 
The propensity for bronchitis is gone. No more coughing up of mucous, clear or coloured. 
I sleep through the night consistently.
I healed quickly after the extraction two root canal teeth using Silver Guard to rinse my mouth during the time after the surgery. I did not take any antibiotic after either of these dental surgeries
I eat less volume of the most nutritional food. I now know what nourishes my body and what does not. I have lost 7 pounds in the first 2 weeks to have my ideal weight of 166 pounds came back as it was at 25 years old and stayed level for the past 6 weeks.

I stopped taking all medications to reduce high blood platelet count. My blood platelet count lowered by 4% between blood tests done monthly. I look forward to not taking any medications which I was told were needed for the rest of my life to handle this condition.

I look forward to more test reports regarding cancerous conditions in the areas of my kidneys and prostate. These areas have been monitored semi-annually for 7 years since revealed to me.  A slow progression of minor concern has happened without any biopsies, medications, chemotherapies or surgery. I look forward to have all occurrences of cancers in my body disappear by using what I have gotten from this therapeutically nutritional program.

My candida saliva test has improved by 50% so far and has consistently improved over the weeks during this program.

Fungal growth appearing as small bumps on my skin in a couple of places has decreased in size.

I had itchy skin and scratched for relief even at night while I was asleep. I am not itching anymore.
Abdominal discomfort and painful cramps are gone with regular elimination of my intestinal tract as a result of cleansing Super Foods consumption.

I have been freely sharing with people about what I’m creating for my health and have them wanting to find out more about what they can do for themselves and their friends and family who have more serious conditions they are dealing with.