Thursday, January 14, 2016

TAFYH Evaluation – Amarjit January 14, 2016

TAFYH Evaluation – Amarjit  January 14, 2016 
Time: As I started to structure my health and well being as a priority the time constraints seemed to sort themselves out. I let go of other things that took my time and were not as important. I grew to value the time I devoted to all aspects of this education as I experienced results.

Participation: This aspect had me actually do the assignments. It was simple and effective and it made a difference for me to listen to others’ ahas and concepts that stood out from each lesson. It was an efficient way to structure in the “work” and cleanses without feeling like it was a “big deal’.

Education: This was fascinating to me! The information was well organized and easy to understand. I really got the message that I want to take on my own health through education and practice so I don’t just rely on what doctors tell me to be true.  For the first time in my life I feel like I am responsible for my health and well  being and I want to take it on.

Structure: The structure worked for me. It was planned clearly and led powerfully by Donna Roth. Your passion and commitment to everyone’s health always shone through. I felt it. Leadership inspires me. Your leadership, Donna, inspired me to take action.

Information: The information presented was so rich and interesting. Reading and preparing and completing the commitments took extra time daily because I was interested.  Yes… along with my daily work and family schedules my days during TAFYH were very full.  I also enjoyed sharing the information with my colleagues and students (in an elementary school) and with my TAG team , and my family.  I wish I had more time to research and go deeper especially with the Chinese Elements.

Commitment: The daily commitments kept me accountable. I struggled with building the exercise into my daily routine. I moved and jumped and danced, but did not really take this aspect on fully.  I am now ready to make exercise a priority.

Application: I am really interested in strengthening my own health and inspiring others in my family and friendship circles to also.  It is tough to tell others what to do. I found with the very physical positive changes and results it was so natural to share what I was doing with others.  TAFYH is part of a personal journey that everyone needs to do and not everyone is ready or willing to do. I feel stronger and more confident to share information with those who are willing to take on their health.

Implications: I can see much more clearly why some of my students have challenges in their development – academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. I also see this with many adults. Poor diet, lack of nutrition and water and exercise is robbing people of quality of life.
I really feel strongly about sharing this knowledge with my students. I had already created and “No sugary sweet birthday cupcakes and goodie bags” zone in my classroom.  Parents are welcome to share fruits and vegetables for celebrations and that is it! I felt bad initially as the other teachers do allow treats in the classroom. Now after TAFYH I am really happy that I am sticking to my convictions about children’s health in the classroom.  My family eats way better too!

Reaching Others: I have received a lot of positive support through this journey.  People are more understanding of food sensitivities and I am amazed at the quality resources in the world. I like talking about health and wellness with others and I feel my concepts of  body systems has significantly expanded.

BQS as a form of measurement: This is a very accurate tool and I found it so easy to use and very informative.

Comments: I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in TAFYH program with you, Donna, and the other participants. I appreciated and learned from everyone’s sharing. I do feel like I’m just now coming to life and experiencing a new  found vitality.  I do cheat a little on my diet…however not much as asthma and hot flashes are too high a price to pay for a moment’s pleasure on the lips! Thank you, Donna, for your passion, generosity of sharing your time and knowledge with me. It truly has begun to turn my life around. It is worth the extra time I take everyday to prepare the day’s supplements and right food each morning.  It is an act of self  love and I learned that in a big way from you and this fabulous training.