Thursday, January 7, 2016

TAFYH Evaluation

TAFYH  Evaluation 

Time: I liked the time required for each lesson and assignment. Anything worth doing is going to take a little bit of time. 15 minutes/day for lessons was perfect – it was easy to fit it into the nooks and crannies of my day. Yes, that’s right, I took a call in the subway, and another call at a restaurant…and one at work. You can learn anywhere!!

Participation: I loved my group and felt comfortable participating in all of the calls and assignments. Repetition, reading our Aha’s and Concepts out load, etc helped me to retain new information easily. We learn by repeating! The cleanses were an excellent assignment.

Education: I LOVE to think outside the box. I have learned so much and I’m excited about it. 99% of the information in TAFYH was brand new for me  - and guess what?!? It worked! I was empowered with new knowledge and I improved my health.
I only wished the written lessons included proper references/footnotes. TAFYH quotes important scientific research, which means that the studies, books and reference materials should also be provided. I care about the validity of research. It helps me trust what I’m learning. It helps to legitimize and contextualize the information. I had doubts about the some of the quoted studies because I had no idea where the research was coming from, the methods used, etc. Personal anecdotes are relatable but are they scientifically valid?
It seems like the research and knowledge in T.A.F.Y.H. is bang on – so why not put the proof with the pudding?

Structure: Excellent. The structure helped us to stay on task and within the 15 minute time-frame. It made it easier to stay committed.
Information: I loved getting a lot of new information thrown at me. All of the information was useful and I know I’ll be referring back to it all the time. The format of the information made it easy to digest.
Commitment: I loved committing to my health every single day. It meant that little “oppsie” moments no longer mattered. Every day was a chance to start fresh and to re-commit. It was a great skill to practice with a lot of support – I think I will be able to continue this on my own.
Application:  I plan to continue to apply TAFYH concepts and habits from now on. I am willing to share my knowledge to help anyone who needs it (and is open to receiving the kind of help I can offer).
Implications: The implications of this program are profound. Before my leader extended the opportunity to participate in TAFYH, I had been exploring what self love means to me. Through TAFYH, I have had the opportunity to explore this question in a tangible way every single day. My attitude toward exercise has also completely changed. I feel amazing about every bit of activity and exercise I do. I have a much more positive outlook on health than I’ve ever had before. Thank you!
Reaching Others: I’ve always been passionate about anything I’ve been involved in. I can’t help but to share my experience with others in natural, open, honest conversation.
BSQ’s as form of measurement: BSQs are fun. I like to share them with others. I also loved to see my own progress – the numbers getting smaller!!

Comments: This is a beautiful course. I cannot say what a gift it has brought into my health and my life. It has immense value. Thank you.