Thursday, January 7, 2016

. TAFYH Evaluation

A.        TAFYH Evaluation
Time: Although there was a commitment to 31 days, 15 minutes was enough to capture our attention, and share the needed information.  
Participation: The participative-teaching approach was valuable.  The “learn and do approach” was very informative.  We immediately learned the correct way to execute the cleansing and shared our results.
Education: The TAFYH program reignited me to complete my projects in order to get my Naturopathic certification.  I had forgotten how passionate I was about learning and health.  The mini course is a great way to give you a lot of information in a short period of time.  The material covered was extremely informative and concise.  This type of education platform is very much appreciated when we have so many other things vying for our attention.
Structure: The structure was perfect and predictable. 
Information: The information was well received.  I thoroughly enjoyed relearning the material that had already been shared with me with Lise Harbeck.  I had forgotten some of the details, but revisiting them again was truly welcoming.
Commitment:  I had a hard time committing in the beginning.  The first 2-3 lessons were tough for me.  After the first 3 lessons, it became routine.  I suffer from CFS and Fibromyalgia and have a hard time committing to anything because of energy issues.  However, by committing to eating better and drinking my smoothie, the low energy was rarely an issue.
Application:  When I was studying Naturopathy, there were so many protocols that I needed to learn. The TAFYH program helped revisit specific healing protocols and they were offered in a timely fashion.  It was easier to follow.  My husband did the Kidney Cleanse, and my son is doing the Liver Cleanse, to be followed by the gallbladder cleanse.   My daughter is on the Para Pak cleanse.  So the whole family is healing right now.
Implications: My family is “awake” about the health system and we eat healthier than most ‘ordinary’ families.  It is not always obvious to educate people about becoming healthier without doctors, but it has been and continues to be my mission to teach about health, but only to those who are ready to learn/listen.
Reaching Others:  By studying health education, I hope to become a role model.   I am still dealing with my health issues, but I have come a long way since 2010, which is when I first embarked in the NSP/health journey.  I have started to become a role model as some are already reaching out to me without my asking.
BSQ’s as form of measurement:  I had my son and my husband fill out the BSQ’s.  They are using the supplements, especially my son.  He is healing his adrenals as well.  It is a great form of measurement that I will use for future consultations.  I also purchased Steven Horne’s “Nature’s Sunshine Products”, a few years ago (4th edition) and am so glad to have revisited the BSQ.
Comments: I was disappointed at the beginning of the course. I spent a lot of money on the purchase on NSP products, only to discover I have a lot of sensitivities to the products. I have very high sensitivities to Ginger (Mineral Chi Tonic, LBSII) and citric acid (Colatrim), and could not use these products because they seriously upset my stomach.  I was able to recycle the products to my family.  However, because of this experience, I learned more about my issues and what other foods I should stop consuming in order to avoid sensitivity issues.  With an open mind and a trusting attitude, I grew and am healing myself, but Chinese blends are too strong for me right now.  However, the Cat’s Claw combination became my best friend while I was detoxing my lymph.
Thank you for putting together such an informative program.