Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TAFYH Tidbits

Great men and women in history gained their greatness because they took a strong stand for something,they took actions outside the box. They were ostracised , they faced mockery but they did not quit and by doing so they made a difference in this world. Joan of Arc at age 17 successfully led the French to victory against English occupation. Helen Keller who became blind at age 19 campaigned tirelessly on behalf  of deaf and blind people. Today, we as TAFYH members, are taking a strong stand for our own health.
This simple knowledge of taking responsibility for our own health has been lost in present day society.It is up to us to bring it back into our lives where it belongs. We can do so by following TAFYH principles.

Here is an example of a great lady.
Kris sent me an email to tell me she was suffering from depression. She asked me," What can I do?"
The answer I gave her is so very simple. "Take 20 Probiotic 11 for 5 days." She did this for 10 days. The results were amazing. All depression is gone! Her comments struck me." How many people are suffering from mental illness and just do not know this very simple procedure ?" Kris is an example to many others who today are suffering from depression , from mental illness. We learn these simple, incredible tidbits in TAFYH.