Saturday, February 27, 2016

TAFYH Evaluation by Carolyn Nov. 2013

TAFYH  Evaluation by Carolyn Nov. 2013
In one of our early lessons, Donna Roth encouraged me when she said, “ A healthy body is one that is full of vigor, beauty and power.” That was exactly what I wanted and she said you should be feeling better in a few weeks. Sounded good!
The rewards I have experienced have certainly been worth the energy to eat right and do the assignments. I can enjoy going for walks more since I have more energy. A few months ago I would go lie on my bed to try to regain my energy during the day. I’d read a story to my little boys before naptime and could hardly wait to have my own nap. Now I put the boys to bed, start doing dishes and cleaning the house and find myself skipping my nap. It’s wonderful not to feel exhausted and enjoy doing what needs to be done.
I lost 12 pounds through doing this TAFYH course. I feel so much better about myself and my Mother who is listening to this evaluation told me I look young and healthy. A couple of other people mentioned that I look younger. I used to buy larg sized clothing and now I buy medium. I feel better about myself in a crowd.
As much as I liked sweets I am surprised it didn’t bother me more to eat so carefully.On my birthday I made the exception with my eating but disliked the results. That evening my tummy felts big and I wanted to pull my sweater around myself. I told my husband I like the TAFYH way of eating better when I didn’t feel full and big..
I used to feel short of breath a lot now it feels like I ‘s ve got more oxygen ( can get a good deep breath easier.
I used to have quite a bit of trouble with mucous throat; mucous was stuck and hard to clear my throat. Now it’s so easy and sometimes it just required swallowing. These seemingly little things sure add up to make life more pleasant.
I used to have trouble with constipation. I did a bowel cleanse and learned how to stay regular.
I had trouble with my kidneys. There was too much of an urgency feeling; had to use the bathroom too often like every 15 minutes. No I can wait a long time ( hours) to use the bathroom. I did the kidney flush and I believe that helped.
I had so much trouble with my muscles seizing up. I’d get my 5 year old to walk on my back a few times a week. Now I can go weeks without that.
I also feel more relaxed and not so scared about meeting people. I tended to be quite nervous but feel improvement.
I did a BSQ at the start of the course and the numbers to my weakest 4 body systems came to 40 and now it is 23. I really believe they will lower quite a bit more.
Many thanks Donna. God bless you for blessing my life so much and others.
I say a big thank you to God for answered prayer with weight loss. Also a big thank you to Donna Roth for all her effort and hard work in setting up this course and all this information she collected and for her kindness and effort in sharing this course with me and her patience in answering all my questions and sending me all the faxes.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

TAFYH Success Stories from Tina

From time to time I like to share insights or successes that come through because of TAFYH.
I shared with my TAFYH team today a couple great success stories that I received last night and thought I would forward to you as well.
One lady had severe muscle pain and couldn't hardly touch her arm because it hurt so bad.  She was taking a cholesterol lowering medication.  I explained how her medication was reducing her CoQ10 levels and CoQ10 is so important because it provides the energy for our muscle cells.  She came to see me yesterday and after one month, her muscle pain is nearly all gone! She can touch her arms and they don't hurt and her leg feels better as well.  Where else would she have learned about the depletion of her CoQ10 levels? Not from her doctor!
We learn a lot about the importance of CoQ10 in TAFYH Lesson 21. I just wonder if this lady hadn't seen me, how long would her symptoms of gone on? Doctors know that cholesterol meds decrease CoQ10 levels but instead of educating the person as to what is happening, they often just change their meds to a different cholesterol medication. If the patient doesn't ask, they don't usually tell them they should be taking a CoQ10 supplement.
Another lady had seen me as she battles bronchitis every year and could not shake it this year.  She was taking inhalers, seen a naturopath doctor who gave her some herbs, but they weren't working.  I put her on a high dose of Cat's Claw for a few days and told her to keep taking about 4-6 thereafter and also use Tei Fu Oil on her tongue a few times throughout the day for her lungs.  She was happy to inform me that her bronchitis is gone and is just amazed after having no results for so long.
I have many others tell me as well that since taking TAFYH, they no longer get bronchitis or sinus infections like they did every year. I know, personally, for me and my family, we may still get sick now and then, but the severity is low and does not last long.  I remember we were sick all the time! So much so that I remember my brother commenting that maybe we should have our house checked cause we were always sick. Who would have thought it was our nutritional program???
Here is a tidbit that Donna Roth shared about root canals and the importance of having root canals removed as they are serious vessels for infection and inflammation, especially when fighting serious diseases, such as cancer.
Root canals are a huge contributing factor to multiple disorders in the body. I recall one man who
battled with prostate cancer and could not get his PSA to go down in  spite of changes in lifestyle
and using therapeutic nutrition. He complained that the therapeutic nutritional program did not work.
My response to him was that he check out his root canals, something I had repeated many times over
the year. Upon visiting the dentist he discovered that 2 out of his 3 root canals were severely infected.
Root canals are a common problem in the majority of the cancer cases I have worked with. Once the root

canals are addressed, the body can heal with therapeutic nutrition.

Monday, February 8, 2016

TAFYH Tidbits.

I think about Paddy who was diagnosed with MS and life appeared dismal. His brother, a TAFYH grad,told him there was a way out. The answer was TAFYH and therapeutic Nutrition. After 2 months ofTAFYH and  learning what critical  changes to make Paddy's symptoms of MS are 80% gone!!!
Your health is your life. Think of the consequences of your life without health. If you don’t spend your money on your health today you will be forced to spend your money on your illness tomorrow.Knowledge of how to have health is freedom and that’s what TAFYH is; freedom!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TAFYH Tidbits Sue and Root Canals

I just got an email from Sue who had to address infected root canals and have them extracted. Sue is a TAFYH grad and she
was delighted to report that she did not use any antibiotics during her extraction procedure. She relied on Nature's Sunshine
Cat's Claw in high doses and Silver, holding it in the mouth for 6 minutes and then swallowing it. Now where does the 6 minutes
come from? This is scientifically documented by Dr. Pedersen who studied Silver for over 20 years. The Silver we use is a nano
Silver embedded into the water molecule so that it is totally safe with no side effects of any kind. In other words it is a mineral

Silver in a water molecule and very effective in cleaning out infections or preventing them from happening

Monday, February 1, 2016

TAFYH Tidbits

TAFYH Tidbits 
We are all taught in our society that it is the fault of those bad germs that just randomly float around in space ready
to attack those they choose and that we really have no control over them except that we need to wash our hands
frequently and get shots. TAFYH comes from a totally different perspective. Germs only form as a result of waste
debris that accumulates in our bodies because of our bad habits and they are there to clean up that debris for us in order to allow life to continue. This
in itself is miraculous. Yet we blame germs for illness when in fact we need to thank germs for saving our lives.
And more so we were given miraculous plants to aid our bodies in moving out that toxic debris as fast as possible
to prevent damage to internal organs and to repair internal organs that may have been damaged. Miraculous!!
 Yet in our society these amazing plants, herbs are often labelled as dangerous!