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TAFYH Evaluation by Carolyn Nov. 2013

TAFYH  Evaluation by Carolyn Nov. 2013
In one of our early lessons, Donna Roth encouraged me when she said, “ A healthy body is one that is full of vigor, beauty and power.” That was exactly what I wanted and she said you should be feeling better in a few weeks. Sounded good!
The rewards I have experienced have certainly been worth the energy to eat right and do the assignments. I can enjoy going for walks more since I have more energy. A few months ago I would go lie on my bed to try to regain my energy during the day. I’d read a story to my little boys before naptime and could hardly wait to have my own nap. Now I put the boys to bed, start doing dishes and cleaning the house and find myself skipping my nap. It’s wonderful not to feel exhausted and enjoy doing what needs to be done.
I lost 12 pounds through doing this TAFYH course. I feel so much better about myself and my Mother who is listening to this evaluation told me I look young and healthy. A couple of other people mentioned that I look younger. I used to buy larg sized clothing and now I buy medium. I feel better about myself in a crowd.
As much as I liked sweets I am surprised it didn’t bother me more to eat so carefully.On my birthday I made the exception with my eating but disliked the results. That evening my tummy felts big and I wanted to pull my sweater around myself. I told my husband I like the TAFYH way of eating better when I didn’t feel full and big..
I used to feel short of breath a lot now it feels like I ‘s ve got more oxygen ( can get a good deep breath easier.
I used to have quite a bit of trouble with mucous throat; mucous was stuck and hard to clear my throat. Now it’s so easy and sometimes it just required swallowing. These seemingly little things sure add up to make life more pleasant.
I used to have trouble with constipation. I did a bowel cleanse and learned how to stay regular.
I had trouble with my kidneys. There was too much of an urgency feeling; had to use the bathroom too often like every 15 minutes. No I can wait a long time ( hours) to use the bathroom. I did the kidney flush and I believe that helped.
I had so much trouble with my muscles seizing up. I’d get my 5 year old to walk on my back a few times a week. Now I can go weeks without that.
I also feel more relaxed and not so scared about meeting people. I tended to be quite nervous but feel improvement.
I did a BSQ at the start of the course and the numbers to my weakest 4 body systems came to 40 and now it is 23. I really believe they will lower quite a bit more.
Many thanks Donna. God bless you for blessing my life so much and others.
I say a big thank you to God for answered prayer with weight loss. Also a big thank you to Donna Roth for all her effort and hard work in setting up this course and all this information she collected and for her kindness and effort in sharing this course with me and her patience in answering all my questions and sending me all the faxes.