Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Health Visions

February 29, 2016

Health Visions
Every food I eat and every drink I drink is in direction of empowering my body.  My body gets rejuvenated with every smoothie I have. My body loves the healthy fats, those fats radiate with beautiful shine through my skin and strong cell membranes of my brain. Each time I jog my blood circulates smoothly and powerfully throughout my whole body and feeds every single cell with abundant oxygen and nutrients and takes away the waste. My blood is that magical drink that my cells love to feast onJ. My hormones are balanced and in harmony with my body needs .My hormones serve my body well. Every night throughout night I am in deep sleep and sleep like a baby. During sleep my brain is using the nutrients I gave it during day to repair itself and to rest. I wake up every morning with a light open mind, fresh and well rested.
Every day I get younger and lighter. By Dr. H

Hi Donna, here's my Health Blueprint:
My faith in God and my love of Jesus are strong so that my light shines for all the world to see.
My body systems are all working properly, physically I am strong and flexible.
My blood pressure is normal..
I am energetic, enthusiastic and flexible.
I am a perfect example of a healthy person in body and in mind.
My brain is in total health.
God Bless, Peter
I vow to take charge of my health from this day forward. 
I will be prepared each day to provide my body with adequate healthy food, nutritional supplements and water to achieve and maintain optimum 
     body systems functioning.
I exercise and breathe daily.
I express gratitude and experience joy each day.