Thursday, March 31, 2016

TAFYH Leader Training Session , March 30/2016

TAFYH Leader Training Session , March 30/2016

Joani: cleared up chronic painful tonsilitis with high amounts of Cat's Claw and Mineral Chi Tonic. The tonsils popped on the on the 5th day
and tons of green mucous came up( about 1/2 cup). No antibiotics were used.

Joani: chronic pain because of a compressed disc, lots of chiropractic treatments and it cleared up by using Enzyme Spray and doing the One Day Kidney Flush!

Yvonee: did the 3 Day Liver Flush followed by the gallbladder flush and passed tons of dissolved gall stones.

Michael: disagnosed with cancer of kidney and prostate, extracted his 3 root canals and found them to be leaking and full of infection, PSA decreased by 20%.

Donna: off asthma medications and high blood pressure meds after following the TAFYH principles.