Monday, April 11, 2016

Evaluations TAFYH Team 24

Maria Elena
TAFYH is not only education , it is also action.
The TAG team people were interested in TAFYH.
I really enjoyed TAFYH.
"Donna is so smart. The way you present it. It is done so well. I even get emotional.
I want to tell the whole world about this program. This is an eye opening course."

The education made me conscious of what I was eating and doing.
The information was very important and make me understand the process. It made me dedicated
and so much more conversant. I tell people about it and reach out to others. My TAG team were
accepting of what I was doing and were very encouraging. This is a great course with a lot of hard
work. I am glad I found out about it. IT motivated me and kept me dedicated to my program.
Thank you.

I enjoyed the course, The information was detailed. I did share what I have learned and what I have
been through. My TAG team was awesome. I think positive and there was something in every lesson
that stood out for me.

Dr. Hatav:
I liked the structure and the short talks. It is not just about taking supplements but also declaring it.
I learned that I am the leader of my health. People get inspired by that. I knew many of the concepts
in the lessons but I did not know about lectins. I used to eat grains but now I am clear on it. That was
very good information. Your program targets certain systems through the Vision board, something
that is missing in other programs. TAFYH is smart and well put together. I stopped practicing as a physician
10 years ago. I realized I want to be a doctor. I want to be in the first line. I want to listen to people, to

empower them  and share nutrition with them. I am fortunate now to have that opportunity.

Health Plans TAFYH Team 24

Health Plan:
Dr. Hatav
Daily Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax LIgnans
MC to cleanse the blood
Kidney Flush every 2 weeks
Liver Cleanse every 2 weeks
Probiotic protocal every 2 months
Regular exercise
Working on my career . on emotional health and healthy relationships for optimal health.

Got rid of my microwave
Keep losing weight by eating grass fed meat and the right foods.
Do the Candida Clear cleanse
Do Oral Chelation
Do Kidney Flush every 2 weeks
Do the Liver Cleanse every 2 weeks
Take Chlorophyll, Stress Formula, Cat's Claw and Psyllium Hulls

Has a very organized schedule
EAt the right fodos
Take Smoothies and supplements daily
Exercise and ionic breathing
Address fillings in the teeth
Use natural products for skin care and household use
Attend church
Read daily
Continue friendships with friends and neighbours.
Scheduled bowel , kidney, liver flushes

Continue with Smoothies, Chlorophyll, Paw Paw, exercise outdoors
Use all organic products
Grass fed meat
Continue with cleanses
Trust in God and in the healing process.
"I am okay with the coughing up of copious amounts of debris.

TAFYH Team 24 Success Stories

BSQ 18 Now at 7.
Big change in health.
No more intestinal gas or bloating
Was diagnosed with arthritis : shoulder and knee pain is gone.
Live blood cell analysis before TAFYH showed blood cells to be stuck together
( blood agglutination) Now the blood is flowing freely. The change was amazing.
Shared the gall bladder cleanse with L and she got rid of thousands of dissolved gall stones.

BSQ was 38  Now 4
Was diagnosed with a serious muscle disease. No longer needs Prednisone for severe muscle pain.
Muscle pain is gone! Did not suffer any withdrawal symptoms from the steroids. Feels really good.
Body temperature increased from 36.3 to 36.8
Working on 2 inoperable brain tumours and now knows that with God and Nature's Sunshine products he is healing.
Reduced blood pressure medication from 8 mg to 2 mg.

BSQ 43 Now 6
Used to walk with a limp and the limp is gone.
Shortness of breath is totally gone. Can now talk and talk with no struggles to catch her breath.
I have more energy and can play with my grandkids all day.
Digestion has improved.
REcently had a flu( healing crisis) which moved out lots of debris from the lungs. Passed copious amounts of mucous,\
all colors from the lungs. Wheezing is gone. Is breathing freely and there is improvement in my whole body.

Dr. Hatav:
BSQ 27 NOw 18.
Lost weight
Bloating is gone.
Could not sleep and is sleeping now.