Monday, April 11, 2016

Health Plans TAFYH Team 24

Health Plan:
Dr. Hatav
Daily Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax LIgnans
MC to cleanse the blood
Kidney Flush every 2 weeks
Liver Cleanse every 2 weeks
Probiotic protocal every 2 months
Regular exercise
Working on my career . on emotional health and healthy relationships for optimal health.

Got rid of my microwave
Keep losing weight by eating grass fed meat and the right foods.
Do the Candida Clear cleanse
Do Oral Chelation
Do Kidney Flush every 2 weeks
Do the Liver Cleanse every 2 weeks
Take Chlorophyll, Stress Formula, Cat's Claw and Psyllium Hulls

Has a very organized schedule
EAt the right fodos
Take Smoothies and supplements daily
Exercise and ionic breathing
Address fillings in the teeth
Use natural products for skin care and household use
Attend church
Read daily
Continue friendships with friends and neighbours.
Scheduled bowel , kidney, liver flushes

Continue with Smoothies, Chlorophyll, Paw Paw, exercise outdoors
Use all organic products
Grass fed meat
Continue with cleanses
Trust in God and in the healing process.
"I am okay with the coughing up of copious amounts of debris.