Monday, April 11, 2016

TAFYH Team 24 Success Stories

BSQ 18 Now at 7.
Big change in health.
No more intestinal gas or bloating
Was diagnosed with arthritis : shoulder and knee pain is gone.
Live blood cell analysis before TAFYH showed blood cells to be stuck together
( blood agglutination) Now the blood is flowing freely. The change was amazing.
Shared the gall bladder cleanse with L and she got rid of thousands of dissolved gall stones.

BSQ was 38  Now 4
Was diagnosed with a serious muscle disease. No longer needs Prednisone for severe muscle pain.
Muscle pain is gone! Did not suffer any withdrawal symptoms from the steroids. Feels really good.
Body temperature increased from 36.3 to 36.8
Working on 2 inoperable brain tumours and now knows that with God and Nature's Sunshine products he is healing.
Reduced blood pressure medication from 8 mg to 2 mg.

BSQ 43 Now 6
Used to walk with a limp and the limp is gone.
Shortness of breath is totally gone. Can now talk and talk with no struggles to catch her breath.
I have more energy and can play with my grandkids all day.
Digestion has improved.
REcently had a flu( healing crisis) which moved out lots of debris from the lungs. Passed copious amounts of mucous,\
all colors from the lungs. Wheezing is gone. Is breathing freely and there is improvement in my whole body.

Dr. Hatav:
BSQ 27 NOw 18.
Lost weight
Bloating is gone.
Could not sleep and is sleeping now.