Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Success Stories : Fibroid, Stage 4 Cancer

Gayle's Success Story:
In 2002 at the age of 45 years G was diagnosed with fibroids of the uterus. Within the next nine years she underwent a yearly ultrasound to check the fibroids. The fibroids continued to grow for over a period of nine years. Eventually her bladder was being compromised because the size of the fibroids were pushing upon it. By spring of 2010 G looked like she was 20 weeks pregnant. She could not lay on her back because of the discomfort. In August of 2006 she visited a gynaecologist who recommended hysterectomy. G refused hysterectomy. Her thoughts said that there was a better way. G continued to visit the gynaecologist regularly over the next four years and the suggestion was always the same – hysterectomy. In August of 2010 a biopsy was performed on the uterus and all the results came back negative even though the fibroids were growing. In December 2010 an ultrasound showed little changes. A CAT scan was recommended but G refused the CAT scan as she was afraid of the strong radiation that may harm her health. In January of 2011 G talked to Donna Roth and started a herbal program. She eliminated all toxic lectins from her diet-all sugar, all grains, all legumes, and all dairy. Her program included Aloe Vera juice 3 ounces, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic two ounces, Flax Hull Lignans two scoops, Ginger four capsules a day, Cats Claw five capsules two times a day. Six weeks later G noticed a big change in her weight and also that she possibly had passed some of her fibroids during her menses. She continues to follow the lectin free diet, she has lost over 24 pounds, she is hopeful the rest of the fibroids will continue to disintegrate as she continues to follow Donna’s plan. The education in the book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth was extremely important in helping her understand how the body can heal itself.  She has never felt better in her life and is so thankful that Donna was able to educate her on the natural healing of fibroids. 

Ken's Success Story
Ken was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his throat lymph nodes in 2010.  We were devastated. We visited with the cancer agency and he was told he had a 50% chance of making it.  He was offered a chemo and radiation program to fight it.  We came home feeling really discouraged.  We decided to try an alternative approach while he was waiting for the Petscan.  We met with Donna Roth and Ken decided to follow the PawPaw program, that being no sugar, no dairy, no grains/legumes, no alcohol and no coffee plus supplementation of the pawpaw herb as well as many additional nutrients that his body was lacking. We listened to every report by Dr Jerry McLaughlin and tried to understand how one’s body could heal itself. Ken also chose to do radiation treatment along with the pawpaw program. 
Ken followed a cancer free diet. From the many articles we have researched on cancer, the conclusion is that sugar feeds cancer, therefore get off the sugar and starve the cancer!  Secondly, grains have molds/ mildews which also contribute to immune system issues.  Wheat products promote the movement of sugar quickly throughout the body which also helps to feed the cancer.  Dairy is mucus forming and thus again plugs up and slows down the body functions plus it often contains sugar. He followed the Paleo diet which promotes lean,organic meats, organic vegetables and fruits.  This was not hard to follow as we are prairie people and we ate these foods daily. The hard part was no dairy and no grains. Ken had a daily chart he filled in for his pills and his calories.
He was told by various staff at the CA agency that they have never seen someone do as well as he has. We tried to share his program but no one was interested. We set up a site called Caringbridge where family and friends could read his blogs and comment back. It became a daily support for Ken and was very meaningful.

We would gladly share our suggestions to others but it is a huge commitment. It was a full time job for Ken and his wife Gayle to find the healthy foods, supplements, to keep track daily of his progress and to stay committed to the paw paw program which included huge supplementation and diet change.  Ken reached the five year cancer free mark this spring.  We are so thankful for the pawpaw program and it’s part in healing Ken’s cancer.  He claims that if he was given five choices of healing, he would do them all. He gives credit to the diet, the pawpaw program, the medical doctors, the love and prayers of family and friends and a strong will to survive. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Evaluation by Dora

TAFYH Evaluation by Dora
Time:  First thing in the morning was a great way to start the day. I was amazed at how much information was given in 15 minutes.
Participation:  Participating was a great learning experience. I needed to be prepared to respond to questions. It encouraged me to be accountable and it was a great way to learn from other people’s responses.
 Education: The knowledge I received was overwhelming, but the information I have learned will enable me to help others.
Structure: Very well done. I knew each day what I needed to prepare for.
Information: The information was well presented some days there was a lot to take in, but it was all good.  I’m glad I the lessons were provided in print.
Commitment:  Initially I didn’t know how I would be able to complete the course because of the spring busy work season outside. Having the class for only 15 minutes first thing in the morning, made it very good.
Application: The course helped me understand the herbs, and how they can benefit specific problems.  Hopefully I can help someone else.
Implication: What I had learned was hard to process in my mind so quickly. It is very easy to tell people what is good or not good for them, but if I live it others will be able to see it.
Reaching: I have gained more confidence to talk to people.
BSQ : It ‘s a good way to start up a conversation about health.
Comments: Donna I am very grateful to you for the time and wisdom you have put into this program. I have enjoyed it very much.

Dora's Success Story

My Success Story May 25-16 Dora
I am very happy to have taken this program. I learned a lot and my confidence in natural remedies and good food has increased immensely.  I noticed that I have a more positive attitude, my BP has stabilized and my energy level has increased.
My husband and I were taking Super Foods prior to this program because of prostrate problems he was experiencing. He didn’t enjoy the new lifestyle and wasn’t totally committed. So he chose to go on a Hormone Treatment program, but he didn’t like the side effects and he wanted to quit that treatment. We continued with the Super Food lifestyle and the final last blood test results were very good.  He was very surprised as was the physician. His PSA level went from 23 to .04. My husband was very encouraged and I hope he will keep it up.
I am sharing this information with whoever will listen.
My BSQ improved also. But I have still have a lot of work ahead of me because of my teeth. I am hoping it will all work out well.

Donna, Thank you for offering this program.  Love Dora

Steps to a Good Health Plan

Dora Steps to a Good Health Plan

A-    Activate
Exercise, Ionic Breathing and Cats Claw for my Lymphatic System
B-    Build
Eat the right food. Because there is not enough nourishment in our daily food. We need daily super food shakes with all colors for energy. These include: Chinese Minerals, Flax Hull Lignans, Protein powder, Collatrim Plus, Chlorophyll and Solistic
C-    Cleanse
Psyllium Hull Combination and LBS11.
Bowel Cleanse, Kidney Flush, Liver Flush and gall Bladder Flush possibly
D-    BSQ Direct Herbal
Structural: Collatrim Plus, Noni, KB-C
Nerves: Vit B, Stress Pack, Probiotics11 for Anxiety
 Urinary : K
Do some cleansing in the spring and fall season.
Keep my mind spiritual and focus on empowering my thoughts with God’s help
Daily practice holding to my vision of health