Monday, May 30, 2016

Dora's Success Story

My Success Story May 25-16 Dora
I am very happy to have taken this program. I learned a lot and my confidence in natural remedies and good food has increased immensely.  I noticed that I have a more positive attitude, my BP has stabilized and my energy level has increased.
My husband and I were taking Super Foods prior to this program because of prostrate problems he was experiencing. He didn’t enjoy the new lifestyle and wasn’t totally committed. So he chose to go on a Hormone Treatment program, but he didn’t like the side effects and he wanted to quit that treatment. We continued with the Super Food lifestyle and the final last blood test results were very good.  He was very surprised as was the physician. His PSA level went from 23 to .04. My husband was very encouraged and I hope he will keep it up.
I am sharing this information with whoever will listen.
My BSQ improved also. But I have still have a lot of work ahead of me because of my teeth. I am hoping it will all work out well.

Donna, Thank you for offering this program.  Love Dora