Monday, May 30, 2016

Steps to a Good Health Plan

Dora Steps to a Good Health Plan

A-    Activate
Exercise, Ionic Breathing and Cats Claw for my Lymphatic System
B-    Build
Eat the right food. Because there is not enough nourishment in our daily food. We need daily super food shakes with all colors for energy. These include: Chinese Minerals, Flax Hull Lignans, Protein powder, Collatrim Plus, Chlorophyll and Solistic
C-    Cleanse
Psyllium Hull Combination and LBS11.
Bowel Cleanse, Kidney Flush, Liver Flush and gall Bladder Flush possibly
D-    BSQ Direct Herbal
Structural: Collatrim Plus, Noni, KB-C
Nerves: Vit B, Stress Pack, Probiotics11 for Anxiety
 Urinary : K
Do some cleansing in the spring and fall season.
Keep my mind spiritual and focus on empowering my thoughts with God’s help
Daily practice holding to my vision of health