Monday, June 6, 2016

My Success Story by Leslie June 2016 TAFYH Grad

My Success Story by Leslie June 2016
I believe my success story has just begun. Having said that, in the few months that I have been following the protocol prescribed to me by Donna Roth, I believe I’ve already experienced noticeable results.
My personal situation involves having had a number of surgeries and several months of chemotherapy treatments as a result of colon cancer that perforated the bladder. Each time I had surgery, Doctors would inform me that they didn’t quite get all the cancer; that there were still cells remaining at the sight of the previous surgery scars. They wanted to continue with more surgery, chemotherapy, and now radiation treatments. Frustrated and feeling helpless, I consulted Donna Roth. She put me on a protocol with Nature’s Sunshine products and I have drastically refined my diet. I have to mention that having recently met with one of my surgeons, we asked what she thought of trying a holistic approach to treating cancer. She was completely understanding of our choice and even offered a website where Doctors, Naturopaths, Physiotherapists etc are working together to try alternative methods to treating cancer. She currently has several breast cancer patients following this method and is anxious to hear the results.
To date, some of the changes I have experienced are:
- my weight is down, which I don’t really need but it is holding steady right now
- My body temperature is inconsistent
- Candida test appears normal
- Energy level is EXCELLENT!
- Attitude is positive, but I’ve almost always had a positive attitude. This program has allowed me to continue to see things in a positive light
- Psychological changes - I feel like I am more in control of my health plan and I am more assertive
- Medication changes - None. I am not now, nor have I ever been on any medication other than the treatments I received
- I have experienced clearing of my sinuses and throat
- reduced hay fever symptoms
- Improvement in my gi function
- less joint stiffness
- Increased energy
- Better sleep
- Reduced spider veins, which I didn’t expect and am attributing to better circulation