Monday, July 11, 2016

Dawm's TAFYH Success

Dawn S. - June 26, 2015

WEIGHT: 149 LBS (Lost 6 lbs - was 155 at start of program). 

BP: 118 Systolic,  69 Diastolic  (previous reading 117 systolic, 75 Diastolic)

BODY TEMP: 36.9 C  (previously, 35.5)

CANDIDA TEST CHANGES:  There has been a significant change since doing the Candida cleanse, my saliva is not heavy and cloudy any more.

Total BSQ score was 43 at the start of the course. Total BSQ on this date is 17. The three body systems I scored the highest in were:

Nerves - 9
Glandular -11
Structural - 7


Nerves - 2
Glandular - 2
Structural - 5

At the beginning of the TAFYH program we were asked to create a visual blue print of what we wanted our perfect health to look like in 3 months, I wanted to have a healthy sleep pattern, reduce or eliminate night sweats, and stop the aching in my legs at night.

I am very thrilled to report that my sleeping pattern has changed significantly, I am falling asleep easily, and am sleeping soundly through the night!  For the last two or three years I was waking up three or four times during the night and would have trouble falling back to sleep. It left me feeling extremely tired, run down, with low energy levels and a lot of anxiety.  I had begun to believe that this was the new normal for me because of pre-menopause and age.   

My night sweats have been greatly reduced (which my husband has commented on), my legs do not ache every night like they used to, and my energy levels are higher than they have been in very long time.

When I first recorded my body temperature, Donna told me it was too low, and that it would start to rise with the TAFYH program.  It is now at the temperature required for my body to function with maximum efficiency and I have lessoned the risk for health issues associated with low body temperature.

I have lost six pounds. I had been at the same weight for the last few years, even though I was exercising regularly, and eating what I thought to be a healthy diet.  I now realize that achieving your optimal weight is only possible when you are healthy, and your internal systems have a consistent supply of everything they need to function well. I am very surprised at how quickly the weight has come off. 

From the information I have received from TAFYH, I have reduced my intake of sugar, eliminated conventional grains and legumes from my diet, as well as pasteurized dairy products:   I have upped my intake of fermented foods and added Nature Sunshine supplements. 

I know that I will continue to implement what I have learned from TAFYH for the rest of my life.  I look at my body systems in a whole new light, and feel empowered to do the things I need to do in order to provide myself and my family with optimum health. 

I want to say thank you to Donna for sharing your wisdom, and your knowledge of TAFYH. You are a great teacher, and this has definitely been a life changing experience for me.