Monday, July 11, 2016

Dawn's ABCDE Plan


Exercise:  Implement daily exercise through walking, Pilates and weight training.  Ionic Breathing,  and Cats Claw Combination to strengthen the immune, intestinal and structural systems of the body.


Eating Right :  Continue to eat organic whole/super foods, eliminate sugar, conventional grains and legumes. Include grass feed meats and eggs, eat more fermented foods.

Have a Super Smoothie:  with  Collatrim Plus, mixed berries,  Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, and Organic Colostrum every morning.

Use Super Omega -3.

Drink  2 tsp. Chlorophyll with 250 ml water 4 x/day . Also add a couple glasses a day of fresh ginger & cayenne in lemon water. 


Fibre Product -   Psyllium Hull Combination  -  1 TSP in 1/2 glass of water once a day.
Cleansing Herbs -  LBS11  3 x per day with meals

I will do the Kidney, Bowel and Liver cleanse seasonally for maintenance.  I will also do a candida test to monitor for candida overgrowth.

D - DIRECT AID -  ( your new top scores on the BSQ )

Structural -  I will take Collatrim Plus for protein and collagen, Vitamin D3,  Herbal CA - for calcium magnesium and silicon. (Silicon strengthens body tissues) contains natural sources of vitamins A and C.

Reproductive - FCS-II to balance female hormone levels or the Womens Formula - to help relieve menopausal symptoms and relax skeletal muscle and ease nervous tension.

Chinese Herbal Formula: KB-C - Fear (the negative emotion associated with the kidney).     KB-C is designed to strengthen the water element and is used to nourish the kidneys and nutritionally support the urinary and structural systems.


I am thankful for having the opportunity to take TAFYH and learn how to make better decisions that will result in a life time of optimum health.  I am also thankful for Nature Sunshines high standards in creating superior quality products that help provide us with the missing nutrients to heal and maintain our body.