Monday, July 11, 2016

Dawn's TAFYH Evalutation

TAFYH Evaluation

Time: I looked forward to our morning calls.  They always started on time and were packed with so much amazing information. The instructor was very respectful of our time commitments.

Participation: I really enjoyed participating with the members in my group.  Being able to hear everyones comments and sharing A-HA moments was really insightful.   Also, it was important to me to have the group, our instructor and my TAG Team to be accountable to for the completion of our daily assignments.

Education: The education I have received through this course was is invaluable to me. Our health is one of the most valuable assets we have in this life.

Structure: I liked the way the course was structured with a review of the last lesson,  and then a summary of what to expect in the next one.  Reviewing the information on the previous days lesson help to reinforce the concepts we were learning.

Information: I learned so much through the information that was provided to us. A lot of the concepts were new to me, and with so much information packed into one lesson it was extremely helpful to have it in print form so I could review it as many times as I needed.  It will be a useful source of information for me to review again in the future to help me stay on track with my health. 

Commitment: The time and the length of the class made it completely do-able for me. I was able to make it work into a busy schedule.

Application: This course has helped me better understand my body systems, how they work and how I can help to strengthen, heal and support them on a daily basis.  I am happy that I will be able share the knowledge I have acquired from this course with my family and friends.

Implications: This course is amazing,  if everyone knew this information, it would truly change lives and lessen the strain on the public health system.

BSQs as form of measurement:  Is a great tool to gauge the status of your health and what areas need help or support!  With the information we have learned though this course, we have the ability to improve our numbers in each of the body systems that needs our attention. 

Comments:  I would definitely recommend this course to family and friends who are seeking to improve their health.   The information was life changing and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate