Friday, July 8, 2016

TAFYH Course Evaluation by Kim June 2016

TAFYH Course Evaluation
Time:  This was an acceptable time for me – a lot was packed into 20 minutes.
Participation:  It was very inspiring and empowering to speak with 5 other ladies of like-mindedness to talk about our health and subsequent freedom from disease and afflictions.  I enjoyed it very much.  Conference calling is very convenient.
Education:  This was an invaluable learning resource/tool to heal our bodies.  Takes more time than drugs, but more effective in the long-term.  I enjoy sharing with people what I’ve learned and possibly help them in their own struggles with their health.
Structure:  I found it was important to do the same things every day.  This also helped me to remember to take my supplements.
Information:  I thought the Nature’s Sunshine supplement data sheets to be very useful.  They are a great referral and along with the lessons, will be an excellent resource.
Commitment:  It was relatively easy to find the time to give to this course.  Amount of time devoted to the call was certainly workable with my schedule.
Application:  Information regarding the body’s system was fascinating.  I am continually amazed at how intricate and complex our inner workings are.  Everything is connected and designed to help each other.  I am so excited to share with my friends, family and co-workers the information I have learned from Donna during this TAFYH course.  It would be extremely fulfilling to help people overcome an affliction or disease and better their health.
Implications:  I have found that most people are still not willing to listen to the holistic approach of minerals and supplement use over prescription drugs.  Our society is still driven by pharmaceuticals and drug pushing doctors.  I have read stories recently though that some doctors are willing to recognize nutrition plans along with drug therapy.  This is certainly a step in the right direction to better our future health system.  I am willing to share information about the TAFYH course and Donna Roth with anyone who expresses interest in holistic wellness.
Reaching Others:  I wish to use my knowledge of TAFYH in order to steer people in the right direction.
BSQ’s:  Many of my Tag Team filled out the BSQ’s.  I would then send them the Nature’s Sunshine link.  I will continue to do a BSQ every 6 months.
Comments:  Story of how I met Donna:  My friend Patsy told me of her illness with flu-like symptoms and that she had this for weeks.  Her reflexologist, Wayne Smith, made a house call and helped her on the road to recovery.  I hadn’t been feeling very well myself, so I asked her for Wayne’s number.  That was in November, 2015. Since then, I have had regular reflexology treatments.  In April, 2016 he asked if I wanted to attend a wellness seminar facilitated by Donna Roth from Kelowna.  As luck would have, my parents were in town that weekend, so I dragged my Dad to this seminar.  He was recently diagnosed with arthritis in his back.  He has had high blood pressure for years and has lost one kidney due to years of ingesting drugs and takes meds for other afflictions like gout.  He has been to see Wayne for reflexology and has completed a kidney cleanse with Nature’s Sunshine products.
I was very impressed by Donna’s knowledge and confidence in the Nature’s Sunshine product that I signed up for hr TAFYH course.  Hands in, the BEST thing I ever did for my health!  The fact that she has many testimonials from many people who she has helped overcome cancer, diabetes and a myriad of health problems is certainly encouraging.
BSQ:  old score 124 down to 53.  Intestinal still top score at 7 (down from 17); Glandular at 6 (down from 14); Reproductive at 6 (down from 14)  Some of my symptoms have completed cleared up: joint pain; stiff muscles; weak legs, knees or ankles; anemia; less than 1 bowel movement/day; loose stools/diarrhea; acid indigestion; anxiety; dry stools/constipation; sugar/high fat cravings; light headedness; fatigue; low energy levels.  I Lost 8 lb. in last 7 weeks.
Body Temp:  May 20-Jun 20 fluctuate from 95.1 – 97.2; Jun 27 range from 97.6 to ….
Success story:  Eczema has significantly improved; immune system is greatly improved; much fewer aches and pains; less bloating feeling; elevated clarity and focus; very much improved energy!!