Thursday, September 1, 2016

Evaluation by Barb Sept 1/2016

TAFYH Evaluation

Time: Best time of the day for me.  It allowed me to prepare the day before and participate early in the morning which also allowed me to get on with the rest of my day.

Evaluation by Barb Sept 1/2016

Participation: I enjoyed the interaction between myself and other participants on the course.  It brings home the point you are not alone in the journey of seeking better health.  Being accountable daily helps you stay focussed on your health and the commitment needed to improve it. Practicing what we had learned on the TAFYH program was a great way to absorb the information being provided. 

Education: The education I have received over the last eight weeks has been very useful and informative.   This has provided me with the opportunity to help others with their health issues.

Structure: The structure was the same each day. I therefore knew what was expected of me each day.

Commitment: 15 minutes a day is not that much to give up.  Most people spend more time than that at the coffee shop or at the gym. Not sure how that would work for people who start work early or who have to be on the road early.

Application: The TAFYH program has helped me better understand how supplements and the body work together and how much we need them.
Implications: The implications of all I have learned are hard to get my head wrapped around. What the medical profession would have us all believe is not always what is best for our health.  It is sometimes hard to convince people of this.  They believe the medical profession would not be untruthful and prescribe things that would harm us.  How wrong they are!

Reaching Others: It’s inspiring to me to let others know what they think about their health is not necessarily the right thing for their health.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I thought the BSQ’s were a very useful tool to analyze my current state of health.  People I know who have tried the BSQ are amazed and sometimes shocked what is going on with their health and it enlightens them what steps they need to take to remedy the situation.  They can see their progress later when they score another BSQ.

Comments: I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate on this course.  I want to thank you for all the effort that went into building the course.  However, I did find the daily affirmations repetitive and boring.  I think with some careful reviewing it could be improved. I really enjoyed this program and the knowledge gained from it.  Great job!!