Thursday, September 1, 2016

Evaluation by Diane Sept 1/2016

TIME.    Very good way to start the day!  First things first!

PARTICIPATION.    This is not just a passive class, but I liked the     Boot Camp approach. It's the first step in making new lifestyle habits

EDUCATION.    I appreciated very much learning how to be personally responsible for my own health and others. I learned how to discern what I need and why.

STRUCTURE.     It was always consistent and positive

INFORMATION.    It was concise, important, and simple to understand. Seeing the personal and practical benefit is what is important. It's knowledge that is needed and we were taught how to apply that knowledge.

COMMITTMENT.    I found it a challenge to be completely focused on vacation away from the class, but knowing I was still accountable helped me to stay committed, and successful.

APPLICATION.    When I was thinking about this it looked like this to me....Two vehicles pulled into a gas station. Mr A's was many years old, but it was in pristine condition. The paint glistened, the windows sparkled, the chrome gleamed, the upholstery and carpets looked brand new. If you lifted the hood, everything was clean, and when it was started, it just hummed. Mr B was parked beside. This vehicle was newer, but you wouldn't think so. Under the thick coating of dirt and mud were scratches and dents that were plentiful. Pieces of the fender were tied together with wire. Inside was even worse. The upholstery and carpet had burn holes, stains, and shredded rips. The window had a variety of designs due to the numerous cracks and chips. And pieces were being held together with duck tape. And it didn't hum.
What was the difference?  Respect. Mr A valued his vehicle and maintained it with a sense of pride. He put time and effort into it. Mr B didn't. But the story doesn't end there. Mr B looked at Mr A's vehicle and thought long and hard. The time had come for a change. Mr B went home and got right to work. Lots of research and time and effort later.....yes....Mr B's vehicle was restored!  It is now also in showroom condition and humming along. Mr B is a very happy man.
We all want to respect what we have and look after it, putting in the time and effort to make meaningful new habits.

COMMENTS. Donna I am so grateful to have been able to take this course. I feel like I am in a position where I can take responsibility for my health, and hopefully help others to do the same. I appreciated your commitment and dedication to helping others. Thank you.

From Diane=