Thursday, September 1, 2016

Evaluation by Patty Sept 1/2016

Evaluation by Patty Sept 1/2016
Time:  The time investment was very manageable.  The calls ran about 20 minutes each and I was always eager to receive the email that Donna sends outlining the lesson for that day.  Because I am a student by nature, and because of the very nature of TAFYH, I did not mind the small amount of reading required.  Most days I went over information closely and often did some research on my own.  The emails to my TAG team were well worth the time investment and everyone on my team really enjoyed hearing from me as I progressed through the course.  

Education: I am very enthusiastic about the education that I have gotten out of TAHYH.  The variety of topics, all geared toward becoming and staying healthy, were of great interest to me and I am eager to continue learning!  As an approach to treating disease by addressing the 5 Pillars is a complete paradigm shift and now that the picture has become clear, there is no turning back and I am convinced I will vanquish the diagnosis of stage 3b melanoma. 

Structure: I enjoyed the structure of the course.  Each day there were five minutes to have questions answered and if I needed more in depth answers, Donna was always accessible by either email or phone.  After the first few days of the course, I was able to determine what was expected of me each day.

Commitment: Regaining my health is of the outmost importance to me, so I was very committed.  I am on the east coast and so the call was in the late morning.  This actually worked out great as I was able to get out and get my exercise in and get much of my days requirements in by the time of the call.  It was nice that the calls were Mon-Fri.

Application: I was able to apply much of what we learned in the course immediately.  I started taking the herbals on faith because of Donna’s track record and her passion.  As I learned about each system of the body and became aware of environmental issues, my blind faith became conviction.
I will now be able to help friends and family if they are open to a natural approach to health.

Implications: I see the implications of being exposed to TAFYH as huge.  When I heard about Donna and her TAFYH program I was being pressured by my Dr.s to agree to surgery and drugs that they could not guarantee would help me.  I had rejected the idea of having a groin dissection to remove my lymph nodes where they had found some melanoma.  After the lesson on the lymphatic system, I was so relieved that I followed my gut.  I didn’t know what the answer to my health issue was, but I was sure it wasn’t removal of part of a very important system in my body.  If I had agreed, I would have been removing a valuable part of my immune system and would have been fighting with one hand tied behind my back!  I will use the information I have learned in TAFYH to direct my healthcare and the healthcare of my husband.  I will share with anyone who is interested.

Reaching Others: In my TAG team emails I have already been able to reach others with the message that cancer, and all disease is a metabolic disorder and that the 5 pillars of injury, infection, inflammation, elimination and circulation must be addressed.  Whenever people ask me how I am feeling or about my melanoma, I am able to share what I am doing.  I will be able to share everything that I have learned with my massage patients and everyone who shows an inquisitive mind.  I have promised my close friends not to become too much of a pain, but it is really important to me that people know my story and that taking responsibility for your health is something to strongly consider.
Earlier this year, before I received a melanoma diagnosis, I ate a plant based diet.  I was getting ready to start a blog with recipes, how to’s ect.  Now, I am getting a vision of how I will take TAHYH information into a blog, only with a much different focus.

Comments:  I am going to miss being on the TAFYH calls because they gave me great focus.  However, with the tools that I have learned, I can continue on with my commitment to health.  The biggest take away that I have is the dangers of root canals and amalgam fillings.  In my conversations, I have found that people are either on board and understand the dangers, or they look as if I am speaking Chinese and change the subject.  Thank you Donna for putting the time and effort into this program.  I especially appreciate the message you give of not letting the medical world scare you into quick action.  I believe that some conditions are discovered so late that a patient doesn’t have time to settle and think about options other than what the Dr.s put in front of them.  How many of us would choose a natural way to heal ourselves if they were presented with a coherent plan that they can follow?  TAFYH can be that for people if they only knew about it.
Finally, while I have to date, only received 2 completed BSQ’s out of the many that I have sent out, I will continue to follow up with those people until I find someone willing to try something new.

I love being part of a group that has joined together for the same purpose!