Thursday, September 1, 2016

Health Plan by Patty

Patty Sept 1/2016

A - Activate:  Continue walking 3-5 miles, alternate with running 3-5 miles, use rebounder to stimulate my lymphatic system, and possibly take up another sport like swimming.  Continue ionic breathing and expressing gratitude. Continue to take Cat’s Claw daily for lymphatic system.

B - Build: Continue to eat the right foods(green leafy veggies as well as eating the rainbow, wild caught fish, free range chickens and eggs, red meats (including wild caught salmon and grass fed and finished beef) staying away from grains, legumes and sugar. Use healthy oils. Continue to take 2 smoothies a day containing super foods (Chinese Mineral Chi, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone, flax hull lignans). Drink chlorophyll with water. Drink lots of purified water!

C - Cleanse: 2 teas. Psyllium Hulls Combination, and 2 LBS 11 daily. Periodic bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanse (approx. every 60 days, longer between gallbladder cleanses).

Direct Herbals - Mega Chel 10 daily, Paw Paw 9 daily.  I will take these 2 herbals at this dose for an undetermined time. 
Permanent daily herbals will be: Cucurmin 2 dly, CoQ10 2 dly, Super Omega 3 EPA 1 with each meal, Colostrum 2 2xdly, Protease Plus 3 2xdly.  I will be looking into using SN-X for my sinus allergy issues and will continue to take sublingual Vit D 10,000 4-5 x week.

In the immediate future I will be having all amalgam fillings removed along with the 2-3 root canals that I have in my mouth.  I am confident that the American Bio Dental Institute in Tijuana will be able to meet my requirements as they follow a strict protocol and also use a bio- compatibility material dental test.  I will do a Nature’s Sunshine Candida Cleanse after my dental work is completed, probably after the first of the year.
On September 24, I will be taking the Navarro Cancer test.  I am expecting this to give me an idea of where I am at with the melanoma.  I chose this date because it will be 90 days after I began my current herbal nutritional and paleo eating plan.

At the beginning of the year, with Donna’s guidance, I will evaluate where I am at and make appropriate changes and or additions.  

My plan is to never again use anti-biotics.  Limit the Leukemia and Melanoma screenings to non-invasive as much as possible.  Also, to use only natural methods to address pain and discomfort. 

Also, I have completely moved to using only natural non-toxic products in my home.  Skincare, body and haircare, make-up and home cleaning products.