Thursday, September 1, 2016

TAFYH Evaluationby Jackie Sept 1/2016

TAFYH Evaluationby Jackie Sept 1/2016

Introduction:  I received a breast cancer diagnosis in June 2011. Apart from the biopsy and initial tests, I followed an alternative route.  I have been researching Alternative Health solutions for the last 5 years. This has been an intuitive journey all the way and I was quick to surround myself with my own TAG team right from the beginning – because everyone needs unbiased support.  With the development of a 2nd breast lump in August 2014, I was convinced that it was all the same journey -  not a new threat from metasized cancer. I continued to research,  attend conferences and look for credible and scientifically supported solutions.  My criteria were; there had to sound science behind the therapy, I had to be able to get support – talk to an exper, and I had to be able to speak with successful individuals. Prior to coming across Donna, I had recently switched to a Paleo Ketogenic diet and I had come to the conclusion that we have to find the root cause of the disease in order to heal the body. I was convinced that the allopathic model treated the symptoms and did not support the body in its healing.  I do believe that there can be merit in surgery in certain conditions to reduce the cancer mass, but certainly do not support either radiation or chemotherapy as healing modalities. To finally be connected to Donna Roth in Kelowna – practically my own back yard, has been a god send.  While Donna will tell you she’s not a healer, I disagree.  I have experienced her iridology analysis and muscle testing first hand, and when combined with her 30 years experience and health mandate to teach people how to heal themselves, I do feel she is an inspired healer.

Time:   The 15 minute daily call at 7:45 am PT M – F, turned out to be very manageable and easy to schedule before my own day got started.

Participation:  I especially loved being part of a group.  It made me feel that I wasn’t the only one striving for better health – that we are not alone in our journey.  When you choose to go alternative it is often a lonely and unsupported route to travel.  We each got a chance every call to have our questions answered and to give our input on the lessons and intentions for the day. The format of the call helped to ground us in our commitment as we developed new life supporting habbits.

Education:  Over the 2 month TAFYH program we covered 30 essential lessons on how our body systems work and how herbs and super foods heal from the inside out. I couldn’t believe how much information could be communicated in our daily  5-7 min lessons in combination with assignments like listening to the occasional YouTube presentations or reading additional interesting articles. I studied biochemistry in university, and still found much of this information new and exciting.

Structure: I enjoyed the format and couldn’t believe how much we could actually get through in each 15 minute call.

The daily phone call reinforced our ongoing commitment to this program and our health. In the end, you only have your own commitment to rely on.  TAFYH will not parent you, but is designed to keep you personally committed to continuing.  It builds belief in what Donna Roth says “As long as you do the program you will get healthy whether it’s in 2 mos, 4 mos, 6 mos or longer.”  Just Do IT!!! as the NIKE ad flashes.

Doing our Ahas and Concepts each call reinforced the lesson learned from the day before. Each call Donna would read the new lesson which would reinforce this orally.  Then it would be emailed to us to read and complete the assignment – which were very interesting and manageable – for the next day’s call.  Combine this with daily affirmations and gratitudes and the program is working to help you create and sustain new life style habits.

Information:  I found the information very interesting, exciting and manageable.  I even made time to read Donna’s book “A Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual”.  The information provides the “why” for doing this program.  I like to understand why I am doing things and how things work.  This course satisfies on both fronts.

Commitment:  The early morning calls made them easy to integrate into my daily schedule so that they were not intrusive.  I did the course in July and August and did 3 weeks of traveling as well. You definitely have to be organized around reordering your supplements to make sure you don’t run out, especially Paw Paw coming from the US. I did run out for 2 weeks because I didn’t know what the lead was.  With planning on my part I was able to pack my supplements for a 2 week trip away.  I maintain an active lifestyle, often going on day hikes.  I found I could easily pack chlorophyll water and a dry shake to make up along the way with a packet of pre-selected herbs.  I even just finished backpacking for 3 days and pre packaged all my supplement packs and shakes. Instead of liquid Chi Tonic I packed dry packs of Soltic Energy for vitamins and minerals.

And frankly, you just start feeling so good that you look forward to taking a shake if you are hungry at all or exerting yourself.  My energy has been great and I just feel like what I am doing is really nourishing my body.

Application:  I already find that people are interested in what I have been doing.  I have one friend who wants to go on the program just for health, but doesn’t have time for TAFYH.  My husband Albert drove me to Kelowna to do an intake with Donna.  While we were there, she offered to analyze him as well and designed a program of shakes and herbal supplements for him which he is now doing.  One of my sons got an infection and was also struggling with some depression.  Donna suggesting putting him on Porbiotics 11 – 10 caps per night for 2 bottles, Cats Claw for the infection, Super Omega, and Zerenity for mood enhancement.  He is doing very well. We are hoping the Pro 11 will also clear up his toe nail fungus. I am going to visit my sister in Toronto who just went on antibiotics for a kidney infections.  I am bringing her 2 bottles of Pro 11 to help restore her intestinal fauna, and I am going to get her on the kidney flush.  As well, I will be talking with her about TAFYH.  Another gentleman called to discuss Cancer therapies and I was able to introduce him to Donna as he is from Kelowna.  He is now a work in progress.

Implications: For me this is potentially life changing, as I am also looking at becoming a TAFYH Coach to help other people get support in their healing.  Healing ourselves can be so simple.  Instead of expensive diagnostics, if we just got people on the right nutritional program from the beginning, most symptoms would just naturally be alleviated. 

Reaching Others:  The power is in my own health success. I have a big story that I can share with people and hopefully open space in their minds to consider that there are better holistic ways to heal oneself.  I am considering a blog to reach more people and to get the word out.

BSQs as a Form of Measurement: I like the idea of the BSQs and can see how it can help people identify the body systems that require support. However, for the most part I was displaying few symptoms despite having cancer and there was nothing in the BSQs about tracking my tumours which were visible. After 2 months on the program, I am finally seeing a decrease in the lump in the left breast and not sure about the lump in the right breast, however, I do not think it is growing. So I would like to see a section added for visible symptoms like lumps, skin patches, warts etc.

I also found it hard to definitively identify some symptom such as nasal congestion.  But it did help to do the 2nd BSQ because then you really could see that yes your nasal passages are clearer so yes you must have had nasal congestion.

Comments:  I have really enjoyed the program and would recommend it to everyone.  I feel it is my responsibility to tell people about this, but ultimately you cannot make them listen.  Because the allopathic model is completely analysis driven, people have come to rely on this.  In TAFYH we learn that everyone takes basically the same program and that so long as you go the distance, your health will improve.  Do you need a diagnostic test to determine this or confirm this? No. But you do need commitment and you do need belief and trust.  All things that need to be build.  Which of course is why TAFYH is so important unless you are preaching to the converted.  TAFYH builds the belief.  I finally “get it”.  If I just stay on the program, my health issues – cancer or otherwise will resolve themselves.  But allopathic medicine has put the fear of Cancer into our hearts. So instead of seeing Cancer as just a journey, people start fighting for their life right from the moment the label is dropped.  As we learn in TAFYH – You never had cancer. All you have is a toxic environment around an injured area that has been infected with fungus that is fed by sugar. Can you clean out toxicity? Yes! Can you stop feeding it with sugar? Yes! Therefore, you can heal your body. Cancer is just a created name for a diagnosis that has a death sentence attached to it.  I plan on never having to go to the doctor again unless it is for trauma!!  Thank you TAFYH and our exceptional teacher Donna Roth!!