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Success Stories from Lisa

Success Stories from Lisa 


Caden is my youngest son, age 10.  He had a stroke at birth which has caused him some cerebral palsy movements and symptoms on his right side.  He sometimes struggles in school with retaining, absorbing and piecing together information.  He is on an individualized learning plan (IEP) wherein he has a Teachers Aid assigned to him that will explain the information one on one to him and will scribe when he gets tired (printing can be laborious for him.  As a side point, due to the symptoms being on his right side, he was forced to be left handed.  Though I, my mother, and his brother are naturally left handed, I don’t think he was meant to be left handed.)  Before the new nutritional plan, and with this IEP, he has been getting a solid C – C+ on his tests.  Now on this nutritional plan and supplements, he is coming home with A’s!  His TA now rarely scribes for him and he is able to write full pages of stories all on his own.  He is so proud of himself.

His energy level has gone up tremendously too wherein he wants to shut off the video games and go play outside.
Also, he was getting chronic stomach aches every day, every time he ate but now he says his stomach aches are gone.

His supplement program:
1 scoop collatrim plus in a smoothy with berries
1 LBS11
2 focus att
3 fish oils
4 cat’s claw (two and two at separate times)
1 scoop Nutri-burn
1 tbsp chlorophyll
2 solstic nutrition
Increased water
½ flaxhull lignans


Jamin is my oldest son, age 11.  He is an active boy and he does very well in school.  Since on this eating plan, his bowel movements have increased to a healthy one to two times a day – wherein before it was once every two to sometimes three days.  (sluggish bowels are a weakness on Rick’s side of the family)  He has always had trouble with dry eyes.  We have been to specialist about it but they just say to put drops in his eyes and don’t get to the bottom of the problem.  These symptoms went completely away as well – they have come back the end of this last week but I think it was because we went out for dinner and there was something in the meal that didn’t work well with him.  (We had lettuce wrapped burgers)
He also is a sensitive person.  At times he struggles with taking things too personally and he gets sad and hurt quickly and often.  Since on the new eating program and supplements, his empathy has increase and feeling personally hurt has decreased. 

His supplement program:
1 scoop collatrim plus in a smoothy with berries
1 LBS11
3 fish oils
4 cat’s claw (two and two at separate times)
1 scoop Nutri-burn
1 tbsp chlorophyll
1 solstic nutrition
½ scoop flaxhull lignans
(he already drinks lots of water)


Rick has been working out at the gym for 3.5 years and muscle building has been slow.  In the 7 weeks on this eating program, he has increased his muscle mass and weight lifting amount and cut down in the extra fat on his abdomen and chest area.  He also has more energy.  His soreness after a hard workout has almost disappeared and he is able to push himself harder with heavier weights without the aftereffects of being stiff and sore.  His gym buddies are actually telling him he must be cheating somehow because they can barely move the next day even though they are all doing the same exercises and are all lifting up to the muscle’s stress point.  He has been taking Collatrim Plus as well – two scoops a day.  He has lost 3 pounds and hopes to lose the last 5 pounds by summer.  (Rick discovered he was didn’t tolerate wheat about 7 years ago and eliminated it from his diet.  He lost 40 pounds but has been struggling to get the last little bit off.)  He says he can’t imagine going back to the old way of eating.

Rick also did the three cleanses with me.  He didn’t feel a difference with the Kidney and the bowel cleanse.  With the liver/gallbladder cleanse, he let go of a lot of gall stones the next day through about 3 bowel movements.  The last cleanse (liver/gallbladder) gave him a lot of energy and his noticeable cleansing symptoms were through his bowels.  He was diagnosed with Gilbert’s Disease when he was a child wherein his liver produces more bile than it needs, causing him to look jaundiced.  Since going off the wheat so many years ago, his yellowed skin has really improved but he always had yellow in his eyes.  After the liver/gallbladder cleanse, his eyes have really whitened up and you can only see a line of yellow if you look really close.  It has been over a week since we did the lilver/gallbladder cleanse and he is still clearing with loose stool.

His supplement program:
4 nutri burn scoops (two before bed, one in the morning and one in a smoothy during the day)
2 collatrim scoops (one before bed, one in a berry smoothy during the day)
1-2  tbsp chlorophyll
4 cat’s claw (two and two)
2 LBS11
1 tsp psyllium
One package of super trio
½ scoop of flax hull lignans


I have felt great on this way of eating.  My BSQ scores went down from 78 to 19.  Right now they are 39 due to clearing through my sinuses and bowels.  I have also gone from 243 to 229 lbs.  I have increased my workouts in the gym and have gain a lot of muscle so the total fat loss isn’t reflected in my weight.  I have lost 2 inches in my waist.   My absent mindedness and forgetful, muddied thinking has cleared up and I can remember why I walked into a room when I’m doing my household chores.  I am able to get my bookkeeping done in a shorter time now too.
No matter what kind of eating plan I have been on in the past, I have always had a visible ‘crack’ on the surface of the center of my tongue ranging from ¾ to over an inch long.  One of the things this represents in Chinese medicine is a lack of nutrition and/or absorption of nutrition.  At the end of the 7 weeks, the crack has gone to just a little speck about two millimeters long and my tongue is pink and healthy looking. 
Before, when I did new exercises at the gym, my body was very sore but now that I have been taking the Collatrim Plus (two scoops a day), I hardly have any soreness after a hard workout. 
I did the kidney cleanse for three days.  I got rid of a lot of edema in my legs and ankles and my joints did feel better. 
The Bowel cleanse made me feel very full.  I didn’t release until the next day.  It was like I was filling up and filling up until I was full then I released.  I only had one bowel movement in the actual bowel cleanse day - it was in the morning.

The right before I did the liver/gallbladder cleanse, I felt very good (this was when my BSQ was 19).  The liver/gallbladder cleanse really started a flow of toxins.  All together, I only had 7 or so gallbladder stones passed during quite a few bowel movements.  I cleared first in the lymph, with achiness all over my body, especially in the lower back where the lymph tends to pool.  Then it came out in my sinuses with symptoms of lots of mucus ranging from running (like a tap) to so thick and swollen I couldn’t breathe and nothing could be blown out.  Within two days after the cleanse I started clearing through my lungs.  They became congested and there was inflammation wherein my chest burned with each breath.  Right away, I added LH-C (16 the first day then 12/day for 4 days) and the congestion loosened and the burning went away by the end of the first day.  My energy was lower for a full week.  I went through feelings of discouragement.  The day of my writing this, it has been 1 week and 6 days and I am still clearing through my bowels and sinuses every day.

As I have about 50 pounds of fat and toxic matter to loose, I will be continuing with my program and cleanses for some time.

* NOTE – We all have three Colostrum when we go to someone’s house for dinner.  Jamin and Caden still have small amounts of grain in their diet but have cut back by at least 90%.

As told by Lisa April 1, 2014

ABCDE Plan by Peter


A: Activate with Cat's Claw and Ionic breathing.   Exercise by walking, biking, strength training, skiing, swimming, hiking, gardening.

B: Build by celebrating the right foods and my smoothie: Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim, Water, Greens, Spirulina, Wild blueberries and other fruit.

C: Cleanse with Psyllium Hulls and LBS II

D : Direct: Support glandular, reproductive, and structural systems with Mineral Chi Tonic, Colagen, and Flax.

E: Express; I am grateful for my family and friends who support my diet of eating the right foods, for TAFYH and Donna who are generously sharing their years of research and dedication, and the beautiful environment all around me which supports my health and vitality

Cleanses: I will periodically do Bowel cleanses every couple of months, and complete a gall bladder flush.

Health Plan by Peter

TAFYH Final Assignment – Peter

"I wake up to the first rays of light streaming in through the window, and feel my body awash in gratefulness.   I bounce out of bed with the spryness and enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning.  Today, the gift of life is waiting for me again, and I silently thank my body for vibrating with health.

I hum to myself as I wander to the kitchen to take my supplements and make my smoothie to begin my day.  I am thankful for this routine which has me loving each more day than the last, and feeling younger, more energetic, and full of vitality each day.

I eat the right foods, breathe, exercise, commit and create health unconsciously as a habit each day, and give thanks to my family, friends, and partner for their loving support.  My health fills me with possibilities and I gain greater clarity, insight, and happiness each day as I relax into the vital health of my body."

New BSQ Score is 11, dropping from 17.  Top body systems are Hepatic, Glandular, Structural, and Reproductive (all 2 points each)

Successes – Most significantly, I feel increased and consistent energy in my body.  I no longer find it tough to get out of bed in the morning, and have good energy levels throughout the day.  I even find I can stay up late with less consequences than before.  My body feels good on this diet.

TAFYH Evaluation by Peter

TAFYH Evaluation by Peter 

Time: the structure of a consistent, short daily call is a very good format and helps keep everyone engaged and committed to their health.  Great!
Participation: having each of us continually participating in the call is great – it ensures we are engaged, paying attention, and serious about our commitments.  Some more variety in the types of participation would probably be helpful for increasing engagement.
Education: the quality of the material is well researched, and presented in manageable chunks which is great.
Structure: the format of reading each lesson during the call is OK.  Using the valuable call time for a discussion would be preferrable for people of my learning style.
Commitment: the daily commitments are excellent for keeping us on track.  Some more variety and creativity in the commitments would be more engaging.

Application: There are some good suggestions made, but more recipes, tips for sourcing quality foods, and other critical implementation factors would be a good use of time in my opinion.

Pat's Health Plan

Pat's Health Plan
A - Activate:  Continue walking 3-5 miles, alternate with running 3-5 miles, use rebounder to stimulate my lymphatic system, and possibly take up another sport like swimming.  Continue ionic breathing and expressing gratitude. Continue to take Cat’s Claw daily for lymphatic system.

B - Build: Continue to eat the right foods(green leafy veggies as well as eating the rainbow, wild caught fish, free range chickens and eggs, red meats (including wild caught salmon and grass fed and finished beef) staying away from grains, legumes and sugar. Use healthy oils. Continue to take 2 smoothies a day containing super foods (Chinese Mineral Chi, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone, flax hull lignans). Drink chlorophyll with water. Drink lots of purified water!

C - Cleanse: 2 teas. Psyllium Hulls Combination, and 2 LBS 11 daily. Periodic bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanse (approx. every 60 days, longer between gallbladder cleanses).

Direct Herbals - Mega Chel 10 daily, Paw Paw 9 daily.  I will take these 2 herbals at this dose for an undetermined time. 
Permanent daily herbals will be: Cucurmin 2 dly, CoQ10 2 dly, Super Omega 3 EPA 1 with each meal, Colostrum 2 2xdly, Protease Plus 3 2xdly.  I will be looking into using SN-X for my sinus allergy issues and will continue to take sublingual Vit D 10,000 4-5 x week.

In the immediate future I will be having all amalgam fillings removed along with the 2-3 root canals that I have in my mouth.  I am confident that the American Bio Dental Institute in Tijuana will be able to meet my requirements as they follow a strict protocol and also use a bio- compatibility material dental test.  I will do a Nature’s Sunshine Candida Cleanse after my dental work is completed, probably after the first of the year.
On September 24, I will be taking the Navarro Cancer test.  I am expecting this to give me an idea of where I am at with the melanoma.  I chose this date because it will be 90 days after I began my current herbal nutritional and paleo eating plan.

At the beginning of the year, with Donna’s guidance, I will evaluate where I am at and make appropriate changes and or additions.  

My plan is to never again use anti-biotics.  Limit the Leukemia and Melanoma screenings to non-invasive as much as possible.  Also, to use only natural methods to address pain and discomfort. 

Also, I have completely moved to using only natural non-toxic products in my home.  Skincare, body and haircare, make-up and home cleaning products.

Success Story by Pat

Success Story

I am very happy with the improvements I have seen since the beginning of July when our course began.
My BSQ numbers came way down.
Total values at start 64, finish 24.
My top 5 system values were as follows:
Intestinal - start 7, finish 2
Respiratory - start 8, finish 4
Nerves - start 8, finish 3
Circulation - start 9, finish 4
Glandular - start 10, finish 1

My candida test showed a good amount of candida present the first time I tested it in July.  When I tested it again this morning, Sept 1, the candida had decreased by at least 80%!

My body temp started at 94 and is now 95.  

My weight dropped by 7 lbs.!

My blood pressure bounced around from 140/85 to 120/80.  I am still on medication and will be looking forward to getting off medication at some point in the near future.

In late July, my husband, who travels a lot, came home with a nasty chest cold/cough.  I asked Donna for some guidance and she recommended the following - Daily: 2 oz. Thai Go, 2 oz. Chinese Mineral Tonic, Chlorophyll with water 2-3x day, 2 LBS 11 capsules 3x a day.  I started him on this protocol Friday evening and by the time Monday morning came, while not feeling 100%, he was ready to go back to work.  Then by Wed, he was well enough to get back to his travel schedule!  

Evaluation by Pat Sept /2016

Evaluation by Pat Sept /2016

Time:  The time investment was very manageable.  The calls ran about 20 minutes each and I was always eager to receive the email that Donna sends outlining the lesson for that day.  Because I am a student by nature, and because of the very nature of TAFYH, I did not mind the small amount of reading required.  Most days I went over information closely and often did some research on my own.  The emails to my TAG team were well worth the time investment and everyone on my team really enjoyed hearing from me as I progressed through the course.  

Education: I am very enthusiastic about the education that I have gotten out of TAHYH.  The variety of topics, all geared toward becoming and staying healthy, were of great interest to me and I am eager to continue learning!  As an approach to treating disease by addressing the 5 Pillars is a complete paradigm shift and now that the picture has become clear, there is no turning back and I am convinced I will vanquish the diagnosis of stage 3b melanoma. 

Structure: I enjoyed the structure of the course.  Each day there were five minutes to have questions answered and if I needed more in depth answers, Donna was always accessible by either email or phone.  After the first few days of the course, I was able to determine what was expected of me each day.

Commitment: Regaining my health is of the outmost importance to me, so I was very committed.  I am on the east coast and so the call was in the late morning.  This actually worked out great as I was able to get out and get my exercise in and get much of my days requirements in by the time of the call.  It was nice that the calls were Mon-Fri.

Application: I was able to apply much of what we learned in the course immediately.  I started taking the herbals on faith because of Donna’s track record and her passion.  As I learned about each system of the body and became aware of environmental issues, my blind faith became conviction.
I will now be able to help friends and family if they are open to a natural approach to health.

Implications: I see the implications of being exposed to TAFYH as huge.  When I heard about Donna and her TAFYH program I was being pressured by my Dr.s to agree to surgery and drugs that they could not guarantee would help me.  I had rejected the idea of having a groin dissection to remove my lymph nodes where they had found some melanoma.  After the lesson on the lymphatic system, I was so relieved that I followed my gut.  I didn’t know what the answer to my health issue was, but I was sure it wasn’t removal of part of a very important system in my body.  If I had agreed, I would have been removing a valuable part of my immune system and would have been fighting with one hand tied behind my back!  I will use the information I have learned in TAFYH to direct my healthcare and the healthcare of my husband.  I will share with anyone who is interested.

Reaching Others: In my TAG team emails I have already been able to reach others with the message that cancer, and all disease is a metabolic disorder and that the 5 pillars of injury, infection, inflammation, elimination and circulation must be addressed.  Whenever people ask me how I am feeling or about my melanoma, I am able to share what I am doing.  I will be able to share everything that I have learned with my massage patients and everyone who shows an inquisitive mind.  I have promised my close friends not to become too much of a pain, but it is really important to me that people know my story and that taking responsibility for your health is something to strongly consider.
Earlier this year, before I received a melanoma diagnosis, I ate a plant based diet.  I was getting ready to start a blog with recipes, how to’s ect.  Now, I am getting a vision of how I will take TAHYH information into a blog, only with a much different focus.

Comments:  I am going to miss being on the TAFYH calls because they gave me great focus.  However, with the tools that I have learned, I can continue on with my commitment to health.  The biggest take away that I have is the dangers of root canals and amalgam fillings.  In my conversations, I have found that people are either on board and understand the dangers, or they look as if I am speaking Chinese and change the subject.  Thank you Donna for putting the time and effort into this program.  I especially appreciate the message you give of not letting the medical world scare you into quick action.  I believe that some conditions are discovered so late that a patient doesn’t have time to settle and think about options other than what the Dr.s put in front of them.  How many of us would choose a natural way to heal ourselves if they were presented with a coherent plan that they can follow?  TAFYH can be that for people if they only knew about it.
Finally, while I have to date, only received 2 completed BSQ’s out of the many that I have sent out, I will continue to follow up with those people until I find someone willing to try something new.

I love being part of a group that has joined together for the same purpose!