Friday, November 4, 2016

Success Story by Pat

Success Story

I am very happy with the improvements I have seen since the beginning of July when our course began.
My BSQ numbers came way down.
Total values at start 64, finish 24.
My top 5 system values were as follows:
Intestinal - start 7, finish 2
Respiratory - start 8, finish 4
Nerves - start 8, finish 3
Circulation - start 9, finish 4
Glandular - start 10, finish 1

My candida test showed a good amount of candida present the first time I tested it in July.  When I tested it again this morning, Sept 1, the candida had decreased by at least 80%!

My body temp started at 94 and is now 95.  

My weight dropped by 7 lbs.!

My blood pressure bounced around from 140/85 to 120/80.  I am still on medication and will be looking forward to getting off medication at some point in the near future.

In late July, my husband, who travels a lot, came home with a nasty chest cold/cough.  I asked Donna for some guidance and she recommended the following - Daily: 2 oz. Thai Go, 2 oz. Chinese Mineral Tonic, Chlorophyll with water 2-3x day, 2 LBS 11 capsules 3x a day.  I started him on this protocol Friday evening and by the time Monday morning came, while not feeling 100%, he was ready to go back to work.  Then by Wed, he was well enough to get back to his travel schedule!