Thursday, January 26, 2017

TAFYH Newsletter January 2017 Transforming the Health of Nations.

To All TAFYH Grads and Leaders:
January 2017 opened up a whole new dimension in TAFYH.
The big exciting news is that TAFYH is now an official CCHM college course.
Dr. Kathy Dean has been instrumental in working with Dr. Sheila to make this happen.

Presently the following leaders are working with new teams or have just completed TAFYH with their teams.
Donna Roth is leading TAFYH team 31 and 32 and taking registrations for TAFYH team 33 & 34.
Dr. Kathy Dean is leading a team of Doctors of Natural Medicine.
Dr. Kathy Deane is presently taking registrations for 2 more teams to start Feb and March.
Tina, Bruxxells, MB has just completed a TAFYH team.
Loretta, Grand Forks, BC completed a team in December and is now leading a new team.
Pearl, (cervical cancer free) Vancouver, BC is starting a new team.
Michael (prostate cancer and kidney cancer free) is taking registrations for a new team.
Shannon, Arizona has registrations for 2 teams.

The last 2 weeks have been very exciting as we have gone through 2 TAFYH Leader trainings.
I wish to congratulate:
Wendy from Castlegar,  BC
 I wish to express my gratitude to the following who generously offered their time to help Wendy with her leader training:
Mary from Montreal
Yvonne from Lake Country
Michael from Vancouver
Pearl from Vancouver
Kim from Saskatoon

Shannon and Jen are new TAFYH grads with leader , Tina from Manitoba
Congratulations for your completion of TAFYH Leader training:
Shannon from Dawson Creek and Arizona
Jen from Killarney, MB

 I wish to express my gratitude to the following who generously offered their time to help Shannon and Jen with their leader training:
Tina from Bruxxells, MB
Madelene from Glenora , MB
Sandy from Bruxxells, MB
Donna from Pierceland, SK
Dean from Kelowna, BC
Olivia , Tina's daughter from MB

Thank you to Michael who put together some profound stats recently showing us that TAFYH has to date reached about 1000 people!

 TAFYH was born January 2013. In 4 years, together as TAFYH team leaders and TAFYH grads, we have done a lot of great work in transforming the health of nations. We have touched the lives of people who no longer suffer from cancer, MS, arthritis, kidney /bladder disorders, diabetes, low energy, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, depression, cholesterol , eczema, ADD, ADHD, weight problems. We have all witnessed people lose weight, pass  parasites and worms, dissolve and pass  gallstones, drop  PSA levels, shrink tumours , disappear lumps, regain energy, disappear anxiety, resolve sleeping disorders and so much more.
How grateful I am to these great people who have stepped outside the box and decided to take responsibility for their own health. How grateful I am to TAFYH , a course of action , that empowers people to take responsibility for the health of their own bodies. How grateful I am to see how they all overcame fear as they came to know that their bodies are created to heal! TAFYH grads, you are pioneers in paving the path to new paradigm shift as you prove to others that nutrition is therapeutic and heals! You are the great men and women making history happen.

Great men and women in history gained their greatness because they took a strong stand for something. They took actions outside the box. They were ostracised, they faced mockery but they did not quit and by doing so they made a difference in this world. Joan of Arc at age 17 successfully led the French to victory against English occupation. Helen Keller who became blind at age 19 campaigned tirelessly on behalf of deaf and blind people. Today, we as TAFYH members, are taking a strong stand for our own health. This simple knowledge of taking responsibility for our own health has been lost in present day society. It is up to us to bring it back into our lives where it belongs. Never underestimate what a small team of TAFYH grads and leaders can do to change this world.
Dr. Kathy Deane: Thank you everyone for your dedication and testimonies on TAFYH and the Candida Saliva Test.
Dr. Sheila in prayer: All humanity and the outreach to educating them on health to be more successful and to have many practitioners certified with the TAFYH program so they can educate others
1.     Noeimie: I notice already into taking the TAFYH program I feel energetic, more energy and I look healthier/better.  My saliva test did drop to the bottom of the glass after 20 minutes.  I am grateful that I have learned in TAFYH that 95% of cancer comes from fungus.  AND I love that I am learning how to help myself and to help others.
2.    Sonia:  I am feeling very energetic since being on the TAFYH program.  My varicose veins started to improve with the program Dr. Sheila McKenzie put me on and then now with taking the TAFYH program my veins have gone down, my right leg has subsided and is the same size as my left leg.  TAFYH has put the ‘icing on the cake so to speak’.  When I did my saliva test I had little bubbles along my glass, so I think I still have a bit of candida.  I am grateful to TAFYH and give God thanks for this program.  It is enhancing myself and helping me to help others.  I have just done my first BSQ and am planning on doing two more this evening. 
3.    Debby:  Weight this morning is 148.2.and going down. Saliva test, it just stayed on the top then grew 2 large tentacles that grew slowly down to the bottom.  Did it in two different glasses of water and they both came out the same.  My blood pressure was way down today, 126/80  For 10 years I have suffered with HPB and 10 years with sever feet pain.  I no longer have feet pain either. Yeaaaa  I am grateful for TAFYH educating me on that yeast is a form of parasites. 
4.    Dr Sheila:  I have more energy with the TAFYH program.   My saliva test for candida showed just a bit on the bottom of the glass.  I am grateful for TAFYH as it is effective in presenting to people/students in a simple format so the people beginning with TAFYH can get a simple format to encourage them and excite them about learning and also wanting to take better care of them self and others.  Also It is the ‘Stepping Stone” for further education.  PS Note the CCHM gives one credit to TAFYH to be applied to their diploma programs.