Wednesday, February 8, 2017

ABCDE Therapeutic Nutritional Plan for Sara

-Cat’s Claw- 4 2 x daily Alternate with HRP-C liquid
-Exercise- walking, playing actively with the kids outside, ex. tag at the playground, ball hockey, skating, swimming. I do Ionic breathing daily.
-Ionic breathing
-Raising body temperature by eating red foods and foods that stimulate such as cayenne, ginger, garlic, coconut oil, flax seed oil.
-Rainbow in my smoothies including mineral chi tonic, flax lignans, green zone, berries, chlorophyll water and various protein powders such as Nature’s Harvest.
-Psyllium hulls combination for bowels as well as LBS II
-Colostrum to bind to the lectins in my blood
-Heavy Metal Detox.
Direct Herbals:
Intestinal: Probiotic 11
Glandular: Mineral Chi Tonic, Cayenne
Respiratory: SNX
Express Gratitude and Emotions:
I am so grateful for this education.  I thank my family, my team, Donna, and our tag team for their support.  I am so grateful that Luciano and I are able to take this on at this time.  I feel like my prayers have been answered! Thank God. The suffering is going to fade.  My time is now!
 Source of Inflammation:
-root canal, lectins, stress, overeating the wrong foods, sugar, milk products, micro waved food, inadequate sleep, vaccinations as a child, xenoestrogens from Candida