Monday, February 6, 2017

Evaluation by Roy TAFYH team 31 Feb 2017

            The requirement to identify both an ahha and concept from each lesson helped to accentuate the underlying details of that particular learning session.  With so much information to take in, particular sentences and or phrases help to drive home the importance of the day’s lesson.
            As a self employed individual the early class session made it possible to participate and still commit to a daily work schedule.

            Initially our class began with 5 participants, but due to health concerns two participants withdrew from the class.  This reduced our class to three people.  I found that there was time to ask a few questions with subsequent discussion time.

            This was health education that is not readily available to the general public or more specifically, through traditional medical care.  Without this information most of us have to rely on mainstream medical care, which as many of us know is not addressing the root causes of most illness.

            The class session was well organized and kept on track.  As mentioned by others the format was such that after the firs couple of days it was relatively easy to understand what was expected during and after the class session.

            As stated above the information provided in the course would not be shared by mainstream allopathic medicine.  It is however becoming more mainstream within the culture of alternative care.  I have noticed that the younger generation of allopathic physicians are starting to refer some of their patients to alternative care givers.  Hope for a health care system that addresses the person and his or her constitution.

            It was relatively easy to commit to the course requirements, however as a working person with family responsibilities there were day when completion meant a late night or very early morning study session.  However, the information was always intriguing and it was never a chore to learn.   Much of my university education should have been this interesting.

            From a personal perspective the application of the information I learned will initially be shared with loved ones and friends and possibly those persons making specific requests for assistance. I feel that I will require additional time to review all the material presented and then with more time and more additional research, both as a participant and health coach I hope that my own understanding and experience will show through to the people I hope to help.

            The implications of practicing alternative health care are far reaching and will undoubtedly reflect a substantial reduction of costs that currently burden our health care system, which according to a multitude of physicians and economic advisers, is spinning out of control. A whole body, whole person approach will transform health care and ultimately create a healthier community of people, which will also be a boon to the economy as today we are losing billions of dollars to loss of work as a result of illness.

            When a persons health is vibrant it shows and this in itself will attract the attention of people who recognize that there is a better way to live.

            The BSQ questionnaire simply makes it easy to assess one’s health at the beginning of a journey to a robust health.  Improved scores will drive home the concept of a healthy body for a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

            Life can be a struggle, but there are options and taking this step, to commit to a healthier me will and already has, impacted and changed my life and I suspect in ways that are still to be realized.  I am looking forward to the future.