Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Health Statement by Randall Jan 2017

I have been blessed with my body, one that can completely repair itself and heal
when given the right nutrients, exercise, oxygen, minerals, positive emotional,
mental, spiritual attitudes within 1 year.
I am grateful that my heart and lungs function as my Maker intended it, that my liver,
kidneys and all my cleansing organs are well and improving every moment of each day.
With every rejuvenating breath and meal and liquid that enters my body, life is being
breathed anew in me.
Doors are opening in my cells, in my DNA, in my nerves and the energy, the electrical
energy is being renewed and rejuvenated also to send health and well being to all members
of my body including my skin, and inner tissues , my stomach lining, my eyes, my teeth, my hair,
my bones, my fingers and toe nails, my sinuses, everything in my body in fact. I am responsible
for what I am and I take responsibility for what I have been given.

by Randall