Monday, February 6, 2017

Success Story by Roy Feb 2017

            Changes :   My BSQ saw an overall reduction from   66 to 27.
            My focus areas are the same :  Circulation, Structural            and Immune.
With regards to areas of noticeable change :
  Slight weight gain, without adding to my
                        mid -section.
      Increased appetite.
         Less tension with fewer colorful words during
                        stressful situations when my knuckles end up
                        bleeding or the horse escapes yet again.
         Still some difficulty falling asleep, but I have
                        experienced an increase in the number of
                        nights where I am getting more than 3/4 hours
                        sleep.  Have reduced my use of sleep aids to a
                        Third and some nights not at all.
    Slight increase in body temperature.