Sunday, March 26, 2017

Success Story

TAFYH Course Evaluation

My Success Story – March 25, 2017

I started this TAFYH journey, in January, saying that I did not have any serious health issues.  However in the couple of months of being on the TAFYH program I have seen significant improvements in areas that I didn’t realize were “fixable”. 

My BSQ dropped from 90 to 29.  I lost 13 lbs, and my acid reflux is gone.
My sugar and starch cravings have decreased greatly.  
I have the tools to get my candida in check.
I no longer have a heel crack and my one finger nail no longer has a split. 
I sleep throughout the night and I usually wake up before the alarm fully rested. 
My energy level has sky rocketed and I am a much happier person at home and work.

One of my secret goals was to stop snoring.  My husband tells me I don’t snore as bad as before the program.   I believe as I continue on this TAFYH path and continue to lose weight the snoring may be thing of the past. 

TAFYH Evalutation

TAFYH Course Evaluation
January 26, 2017 – March 28, 2017
Team Leader – Yehta Pearl Smith

Aha`s:  I found this whole course to be an Aha for me but here are some of my learning Aha`s. 
·         Your body rebuilds itself in 365 days.
·         4 root causes to all diseased conditions
o   -Nutritional deficiencies
o   -Toxic overloads
o   -Physical trauma
o   -Mental Emotional Stress
·         Candida can be present in any organ or gland of the body
·         All disease begins in the gut
·         Eating too much causes inflammation
·         Optimal core body temperature is 37 C
·         To become aware that in healing the physical body, the emotions are healed as well
·         High cholesterol levels are, in fact, a protection from cancer and heart disease

Time:  First thing in the morning is a great way to start the day and seems to set the tone for the day.  Lots of information packed into 15 minutes.

Participation:  Made me accountable to the team and my Tag Team.  I found it interesting and informative about how the projects were viewed by my other team member.

Education:  Everyday was a new learning experience.  I made the comment to Pearl that I should have paid  better attention in Biology class but she explained Biology didn`t cover most of the items I was learning.  Lots of excellent material not only for my health but information that I can share with my husband, family and friends.

Structure:  I am someone that needs to know what you expect from me so having a structured course is perfect for me.  I knew what to expect every day and what the time lines were for completing the projects.

Information:  I started off by buying a 1`binder to hold the course material.  It soon became evident that I needed a much bigger binder.  I learnt so much not only about disease causes and treatment but also about the remarkable human body.  I like being able to print the lessons for my binder as I am someone that needs to read the material.

Commitment:  Doing this course is a big commitment but then it`s my health so I should be committed to learning how to improve it.  For me the time factor would be difficult in the summer so this is an excellent winter course.   However having said that, if my health was at a high level of risk I would make the commitment no matter what time of the year.

Application:  The course helped me understand the herbs that are available and how they can help my specific health concerns.

Implication:  There is so much information that it is hard to get my head wrapped around all of yet.  However I have a huge health reference binder that will benefit my health for years to come. 

Reaching Others:  I feel confident introducing TAFYH to others and talking about my TAFYH experience.

BSQ:  A great measurement tool to see where your health is at the beginning and where it is as you take this TAFYH journey. I found when I asked people to do their own BSQ I was met with resistance but they know that when they are ready to improve their health I have a tool to get them started. 

Comment:  Pearl thank you for introducing this wonderful program to me.  Donna thank you for your knowledge and the time that you have put into this awesome program.  I love your statement about Steve Jobs `He did not know what he did not know.` How true but now I know!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Success Stories TAFYH Team 32 Completion Ceremony March 10/2017

Success Stories TAFYH Team 32  Completion Ceremony March 10/2017
Luciano: BSQ dropped from 68 to 14.
Sleeping better
Bowels move regularly
Lost 15 pounds
Sinuses are clear and I can breathe deeply
Mild case of vertigo is gone
Plugged and ringing ears –gone
Sleeping better
Washroom breaks are less frequent
Thinking is clear

Cindy: BSQ dropped 89 to 21
Low blood pressure is up to 104/64
Did the gallbladder flush and passed 8 dissolved stones about ½ inch in diameter
Body temperature increased from 36.4 to 37.4
Helped her husband with heart ; he had 7 bypassess
Now he is off all medications
Enlarged prostate had improved and no more trouble voiding.

Lynn BSQ  dropped from 117 to 74
Anxiety has decreased by 80%
No more fear and anxiety has reduced dramatically
Low blood pressure 90/60 is now consistently 104/70
Now can sleep 5 to 6 hours without waking up
Pain in the stomach is gone
Fast pulse of 90 to 100 is now normal
Pounding heart and palpitations are gone
Burning esophagus is gone
Dry mouth is gone
Dry cough is almost gone
More energy to do things.

Randall BSQ dropped from  66 to 52
Hip pain and arthritis is gone
Coughing is gone
Back and legs are stronger
Excruciating back pain is all gone
Absent mindedness is gone.
Feeling stronger and energy is up
Pain is all gone from the bladder area
Sarah BSQ dropped from 63 to 14
Congested sinuses and shortness  of breath is gone
Low blood pressure and headaches are gone
Allergy problems gone!  Searched for 20 years to find answer and I found it!
Extracted an infected root canal and used no antibiotics to clear it up.
Now I know I can be disease free.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

TAFYH Evaluation by Sarah March 2017

When I started the TAFYH program the health concerns I wished to address were:
-belly fat...having had 4 c-sections
-allergies...seasonal and dust/food related since I was around 25 years old
-foggy brain and sluggishness
What I got out of TAFYH has addressed these concerns and far more. 
My BSQ score was 63 with the highest scores of 10 for my Intestinal, Respiratory, and Glandular systems. Today my score is 14 and the score for those areas have decreased to 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
My weight was about 128 when I began TAFYH 8 weeks ago. Today it is 120!
The weight loss I experienced was gradual and not something I focussed on at all.  I can feel my wrist bone so I know that the inflammation is down. I can hardly pinch my mid riff whereas before I could grab a couple of inches. 
My temperature hovers around 36.4 and I now know what to do to raise it.
I used to feel congested in my sinuses and somewhat in my chest all the time.  I would wheeze or experience a shortness of breath especially with certain foods/allergens like dust.  That is virtually GONE!  I also no longer have the afternoon slump I used to experience daily. 
Some of the health crises I experienced over the course included severe headaches, odd moods of apathy, feeling blah, feeling intense sadness followed by several emotional releases ie. crying.  I also had a bladder infection, and pain in my left foot. Donna advised me to ensure I was taking enough protein with each meal, adding additional oils to my diet, check my blood pressure as it could be on the low side and could cause the headaches.  The bladder infection was connected to flushing out lectins.  I attribute the headaches to a withdrawal of the grains and sugar in my previous diet. It lasted several weeks and is GONE now.  I do not crave sugar the same way I used to and after I eat I feel way more satiated whereas before no matter what I ate I used to feel hungry and unsatisfied all the time.  I also feel less guilty now to eat all the good foods I want and need.  I feel I have a stronger connection with my body and can hear it tell me what I need. 
One of my biggest success stories is having a root canal tooth extracted.  In TAFYH we learned about sources of heavy metal toxins and their impact on our health.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing about the link between metal/mercury fillings and root canals to our health.  As the Law of Nature would have it, a dead tooth in one’s mouth wants to decay and is constantly infested with microbes that are only doing their job, but the effect is a constant leaching of toxins into the a wound that never heals.  I immediately contacted a past TAFYH grad who had his root canal extracted and he shared with me how amazing he felt almost immediately after having his root canals removed.  I contacted the UBC school of dentistry clinic right away and put in my request. On Monday I went in for a consultation and to my surprise the procedure was completed.  From my x-rays the dentist could tell it was infected. When the tooth was extracted it was evident that there was infection as the tip of the tooth was covered in pink polyp like granules of tissue on the outside and there were grey streaks on the inside which is also infection.  My mouth was sore but has completely healed without antibiotics.  I used Nature’s Sunshine silver gel, silver and cat’s claw.  I feel great this week. I don’t know what the full impact of this will have and I am so grateful I could have the procedure done so quickly. I don’t know what it will be like this Spring when the pollens are in full swing BUT I am thrilled at the possibility of being FREE of allergies. You cannot imagine what it’s been like for the last 20 years to suffer and not find an answer.  So frustrating trying a bunch of different medications and remedies with no lasting results. 
This education has been life changing. It comes down to being empowered to take care of one’s health and after this program I feel confident that I can do just that for myself and for my family. 
The distinctions that really stand out for me are:
1. Understanding the Five pillars of health and when we address them we live disease free:
-inflammation, toxicity, injury, mental and emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies
2. We need to always be activating our lymphatic system
3. Raise our body temperatures back to 37 degrees
4. the interconnectedness of all our systems and the need to address them all.
5. How quickly the various body systems rebuild and regenerate, especially when they are not burdened  with toxins, injury, stress, and inflammation
6. the incredible ability of the body to heal itself.
7. Lectins are poison to the body.
I loved the accountability structures in this program. Having to report each day on what i did and didn’t do definitely increased my commitment level.  I didn’t want to let my team down.  Thank you to my TAFYH team. Your courage and commitment inspired and supported me. Without you I never would have completed anything.  I have never met any of you but I feel a deep love and respect for each of you and for all that you took on during this program.  I am astounded that I did this program.  I have four children aged 11, 10, 7, 3, morning can be so crazy and yet with the support of my husband and family, I was successful. 
I found the lessons so informative, concise, complete, and well laid out as far as the applications. I’m a big fan of inspiring quotes so I really enjoyed all the uplifting quotes you include in each lesson. They capture so much impact in just a few words. And I enjoyed making a vision board.  I haven’t shared my program with others as actively as I could have. I intend to share my results with everyone though and know it will have a great impact on everyone around me.  I really focussed on my own learning, and my action for my own health, no one else’s. 
Donna I feel like I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my family.  I also appreciated never made to feel wrong for being a vegetarian but instead empowered to make it work better for me.  This program is life changing and will have lasting impacts on the health and happiness of my entire family.  I also wish to acknowledge your care, commitment, compassion and passion for people taking action for their health. It is so bold and powerful! THANK YOU DONNA!
Future Health Plan:               
I am thrilled that I now have access to my health.  We intend to stick to eating the right foods and keeping the poisons out of our bodies.  We will gradually make changes to our children’s diets as well. 
One of our biggest goals is to raise our body temperature back to 37 and this may take a year but it can be done. 
I have completed the kidney flush, liver cleanse, and bowel cleanse.  I will be doing the gall bladder flush within the next 3 months and most likely a Candida cleanse also.  Last night I muscle tested for what cleanses my body is asking for and I will be doing 3 more kidney flushes and 3 more bowel cleanses. 
In addition to eating the right foods, I will continue with the heavy metal detox, flaxseed oil, colostrums, and protease.  I daily take cat’s claw, probiotic 11, flax lignans, chi tonic, chlorophyll water and green zone. 

I will make a plan to have the rest of the metal fillings removed from my mouth.  This may take a few years to complete and I would like it done within a year.