Sunday, March 26, 2017

Success Story

TAFYH Course Evaluation

My Success Story – March 25, 2017

I started this TAFYH journey, in January, saying that I did not have any serious health issues.  However in the couple of months of being on the TAFYH program I have seen significant improvements in areas that I didn’t realize were “fixable”. 

My BSQ dropped from 90 to 29.  I lost 13 lbs, and my acid reflux is gone.
My sugar and starch cravings have decreased greatly.  
I have the tools to get my candida in check.
I no longer have a heel crack and my one finger nail no longer has a split. 
I sleep throughout the night and I usually wake up before the alarm fully rested. 
My energy level has sky rocketed and I am a much happier person at home and work.

One of my secret goals was to stop snoring.  My husband tells me I don’t snore as bad as before the program.   I believe as I continue on this TAFYH path and continue to lose weight the snoring may be thing of the past.