Sunday, March 26, 2017

TAFYH Evalutation

TAFYH Course Evaluation
January 26, 2017 – March 28, 2017
Team Leader – Yehta Pearl Smith

Aha`s:  I found this whole course to be an Aha for me but here are some of my learning Aha`s. 
·         Your body rebuilds itself in 365 days.
·         4 root causes to all diseased conditions
o   -Nutritional deficiencies
o   -Toxic overloads
o   -Physical trauma
o   -Mental Emotional Stress
·         Candida can be present in any organ or gland of the body
·         All disease begins in the gut
·         Eating too much causes inflammation
·         Optimal core body temperature is 37 C
·         To become aware that in healing the physical body, the emotions are healed as well
·         High cholesterol levels are, in fact, a protection from cancer and heart disease

Time:  First thing in the morning is a great way to start the day and seems to set the tone for the day.  Lots of information packed into 15 minutes.

Participation:  Made me accountable to the team and my Tag Team.  I found it interesting and informative about how the projects were viewed by my other team member.

Education:  Everyday was a new learning experience.  I made the comment to Pearl that I should have paid  better attention in Biology class but she explained Biology didn`t cover most of the items I was learning.  Lots of excellent material not only for my health but information that I can share with my husband, family and friends.

Structure:  I am someone that needs to know what you expect from me so having a structured course is perfect for me.  I knew what to expect every day and what the time lines were for completing the projects.

Information:  I started off by buying a 1`binder to hold the course material.  It soon became evident that I needed a much bigger binder.  I learnt so much not only about disease causes and treatment but also about the remarkable human body.  I like being able to print the lessons for my binder as I am someone that needs to read the material.

Commitment:  Doing this course is a big commitment but then it`s my health so I should be committed to learning how to improve it.  For me the time factor would be difficult in the summer so this is an excellent winter course.   However having said that, if my health was at a high level of risk I would make the commitment no matter what time of the year.

Application:  The course helped me understand the herbs that are available and how they can help my specific health concerns.

Implication:  There is so much information that it is hard to get my head wrapped around all of yet.  However I have a huge health reference binder that will benefit my health for years to come. 

Reaching Others:  I feel confident introducing TAFYH to others and talking about my TAFYH experience.

BSQ:  A great measurement tool to see where your health is at the beginning and where it is as you take this TAFYH journey. I found when I asked people to do their own BSQ I was met with resistance but they know that when they are ready to improve their health I have a tool to get them started. 

Comment:  Pearl thank you for introducing this wonderful program to me.  Donna thank you for your knowledge and the time that you have put into this awesome program.  I love your statement about Steve Jobs `He did not know what he did not know.` How true but now I know!!!