Sunday, April 30, 2017

Evaluation of TAFYH

Evaluation of TAFYH
Where to begin? I guess from the start. I hadn’t been feeling well for awhile and Shanon suggested that I take part in this program. I thought to myself “why not, what do I have to loose, it isn’t going to break me or take too much of my time, and besides maybe I might actually learn something”.  WOW, for such short lessons they were so full of information and easy to understand. Every lesson the group was asked to pick an Ah-ha moment and sometimes it was hard to choose just one. We also filled out a TAFYH chart to keep track of our daily tasks, we did a BSQ for ourselves to discover where we needed to focus our attention and then when we understood how this worked we were asked to do one for a friend. The 15 minute calls were filled with information that was later sent in an e-mail that I would and will continue to reference at later dates, the group provided support and encouragement to get my health back.
A  long time lover of baking and also eating that baking that I was producing was a number one source of problems for me, everything from hives, swollen hands, back pain and lots of joint pain.  It took awhile for me to realize that it was the gluten that was causing it all.  So I tried eliminating that from my diet, not completely but almost all of it.  Therefore, I had a bit of a head start on this journey to Taking Action For Your Health. Understanding the root cause of why gluten was making me sick helped me take control of the situation. Taking the minerals, supplements and doing cleanses has me feeling great, no back pain, no swelling of the hands or any of my joints.  The cost of the course is a small price to pay considering I have that feeling of being healthy and vibrant again. I feel younger and healthier already and it’s only been about a month and a half, I can’t wait until my body has repaired itself completely in a year.
Another major lesson I learned from this course is that we are putting so much into our bodies that is making us sick, it is like we are slowly poisoning ourselves and not even knowing it, but there is hope and with the proper minerals, vitamins, herbs, super foods and cleanses we can begin to let our bodies heal and do what they were designed to do: love, grow, be happy and healthy. Our minds play such a big part in all this.
I plan to continue to reference these lessons and check Donna Roth’s website for more information so I can keep my body healthy and vibrant.  With more knowledge I hope to be able to help others find the peace of mind and courage to find their perfect state of health. Our body and mind in unison are like a well oiled machine working together, one not being able to exist properly without the other.
Thank you Donna Roth, Shanon, my TAFYH team and all the researchers that believe that we can get and stay healthy if we fuel our body and minds properly.