Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TAFYH Grad Ashley, TAFYH Leader, Shannon

AH-HA:  The TAFYH Program provided me with a lot more ahas then I was expecting to take away. It is the harsh truth that our society is trained to turn to medical prescriptions to solve the diseases we are afflicted with. These drugs have more harmful side affects that rob our systems of doing there job of sustaining our health .
The fact that Grains are opiates that are no different from Morphine or Heroine blew me away. Wheat and grains are MIND-ALTERING.
Staying  hydrated with water will help with memory, focus, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.  Many craving that we experience are driven by the bodies desire to generate heat to keep the body functioning not for the desire of sugar. When we start to eliminate sugars, grains and combine herbs into our daily routine we can heal ourselves.

Time: Ideally the lessons did not take very long and it was awesome to have a take away everyday .

Participation: It was educational to hear about how different peoples reactions were to some of the lessons, herbs, cleanses etc.  Everyone seemed to pitch in with new recipes and suggestions which made the process of changing eating habits, taking the supplements easier.

Education: The education that I got from this course was amazing. Everyday I seemed to take away something and hold onto it. I love how I have all of the lessons for future reference for myself or to help others. The education was well layed out and the stories were inspirational.

Structure: The structure kept me accountable to complete my lessons everyday.

Information: I felt a little intimidated in a few of the lessons. It seemed like there was a lot of information that I have to read once or twice over to understand. I  am happy to have these lessons printed out so I can reference them in the future and read over them again shortly to refresh my education.

Commitment:  This aspect was a little tough for me. Weekly schedules made the lessons slightly difficult to complete. The commitment of EATING RIGHT and changing my habits was also a little difficult but was and still is a work in progress.

Application : The course has really given me hope to how I can deal with my anxiety In a natural way. I feel that I could tell people that are dealing with the same health problems as me some natural remedies to help them get through and heal themselves.

Implication: There are  a lot of implications that I would like to take away and teach others about. I feel that it would be difficult to just dive into one section of this course without embracing the rest of the lessons. I feel confident in the fact that I could tell others about which foods are healthy and which foods you need to avoid in your diete to help heal yourself.

Reaching others: As I said before I feel a lot more confident about helping people choose the right foods to eat and to suggest different herbs, supplements for various health issues.

BSQS:  The BSQs really put my health into perspective. It was cool how the BSQ reflected the Constitutional Elements that everyone was either deificent in or excessive in.
I want to dive in and help other people with there BSQs. It is a great starter tool!

Comments: I am very happy and greatful for all the research that was done in this course. I will be taking away tons of information and want to continue to apply this to my daily life. My coach (Shanon Pratt ) was amazing and was available anytime I needed help! It was very encouraging to have my TAFYH Team behind me and my coach to wip my butt into shape with eating habits!!!