Tuesday, June 13, 2017

James White Success Story

I started TAFYH with a bit of fear that I might not be able to do the full program not knowing all that would be required of me. I was pleasantly surprised after the first few sessions with Donna as I felt that the way she looked at the world around health and overseeing your health was along the same vein I looked at things.
The great thing I realized was that Donna was a wealth of information that was answering some questions I could never get a straight answer from the medical profession. I have suffered from Candida for several years and have done many cleanses to get rid of it. I was very disciplined about what I ate and that helped but after I spent time in TAFYH I realized I was not lining up all the things I needed to do nutritionally to keep the Candida at bay. I am now at a point since I started the program where I can feel the Candida is controlled and I have the great privileged of also having Nature’s Sunshine products to help me maintain my Gut health.
I did my BSQ and it came out at 43 since the completion of the program it has dropped to 23 and I feel much better, less fatigue and less weight I lost 8 pounds and am at my ideal body weight. I weigh the same as I weighed when I was in my 20s. I have also gained muscle mass in my shoulders and arms. I can see the beginnings of Ab muscles and many of my aches and pains have disappeared.

I am very excited about how I have now put my health at the forefront of my life and like the challenge I have taken on to keep this health regime going. I wake up in the morning ready to take on the world through the eyes of a positive happy person that loves life and all it has to offer. Thanks, Donna for sharing all your knowledge and helping me get on the road to good health for life!