Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Results from TAFYH team 35

Congratulations  TAFYH Team 35
On June 13/2017 five excited TAFYH participants met via a teleconference call to undergo the official declaration of their completion of TAFYH , Taking Action For Your Health. As their leader and coach. I am proud to announce the names of 5 new TAFYH grads. Congratulations to :
Heather; Kelowna;
 was a runner in the past but  pain, exhaustion, and inflammation stopped  running
BSQ dropped from 97 to 28 , also did Onsen Therapy
Lost 13 pounds
Now runs 9 k per hour for 1 hour without stopping
, no pain in the shoulder or neck,
does not get winded out
energy is restored
 lost 13 pounds
can now bide up steep hills for 50 k with no whining, complaining, heart palpations or breathlessness.
“Donna, you are one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. Clearly you do this because you believe in it and are committed to making a difference in your own life, you’re family and friends lives and in the world. I have enjoyed every moment of this course and I am sad that it is coming to an end. I will continue to learn from you and Natures Sunshine and spread the word about you and TAFYH.”
James, Vancouver;
BSQ dropped from 43 to 23
Candida is gone100%
 gut health has been restored after a year of using antibiotics,
 fatigue is gone,
lost 8 pounds,
aches and pains have disappeared.
“Will recommend this program to people who are struggling with their health.”

Grant: diagnosed with cancer
BSQ dropped from 113 to 59.
Depression and foggy brain gone
Lost 40 unwanted pounds
Body temperature is up to 36.9
Blood pressure has dropped and is now normal.
 breathing a lot easier everyday
motion of arms and legs I never could get my arms over head, had a hard time walking long distance now I can move my arms an leg with greater easy in all directions walking farther then I have in many months with less stops for rest.
By taking this course, it has given me more confident in how our body works and by using the correct herbs, nutrition and foods to heal myself. I will be able to take the Paw Paw Cancer Program to others, which also can help anyone willing to commit to the program!”
BSQ dropped from 47 to 9
Hives and itching gone
Irritability gone
Fatigue gone
Lost 10 pounds
Parasitic infection gone
Mold infection gone.
Thank you Donna for developing this course! The world needs it! I look forward to working with you and helping to educate others on how to take control of their own health and heal their bodies, emotionally. Physically and mentally.  I loved all the lessons! I thought I had a lot of knowledge about health and the body already, however, I found out that there is so much more to learn.

Susan; Langley
BSQ dropped from29 to 14
Lsot 6 pounds
Anxiety is gone
Arthritic pain in right hand is gone
I am very thankful and grateful that I took this course.  Cancer and all other diseases do not scare me anymore as I know that I have to tools needed take control and help my body heal thanks to the amazing work that Donna Roth has done.  I will spend many weeks going over the information to refresh my memory and I will continue to educate others. 
The traditional medical system is very good at making you panic. 
I was totally astonished at the vast amount of education that was given