Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Success story in the making: by David and Heather- May 26, 2017

Success story in the making: by David and Heather- May 26, 2017
David is Heather’s husband and after Heather met Donna Roth as she was leaving an Onsen appointment. Heather went to Donna’s breakfast meeting at the end of March and that is how David started this journey.
Heather came home and said she was going to do TAFYH and asked David if he was interested in doing it to. David said he would but he didn’t fully commit at the start. David had a very hard time  giving up buckwheat groats (for porridge) quinoa and legumes.
David’s story is, he had also given up Gluten and grains along with dairy and sugar last August 2016, with Heather and had lost 20 lbs but he was still craving sugar and salt, tired and having a lower back and knee pain. David also was breaking out at time with acne on his face and back and was get heat rashes from the sun.
After about two weeks of Heather being on TAFYH and David seeing the changes in Heather and in her running and biking, he decided to change his breakfast porridge to a smoothie and he has never looked back.

David has noticed that he is able to ride up hills on his mountain bike now that he would have had to train for, for a month before they would be easy. David is recovering quickly and is not exhausted when he does long rides and is not sore the next day. David’s knee and back pain are gone and the acne on his face and back has cleared up. David also had a sensitive tooth but since he changed his diet and started using Silver gel on it, it is no longer sensitive.
Davie quit gluten, grains, legumes, dairy and sugar and eats clean, organic fruit and vegetables and grass feed, hormone and antibiotic meat.
He has 2 smoothies a day with: ½ cup of berries, SynerProtein, Green Zone, Collatrim Plus, Arginine Plus, Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, a squirt of Aloe Vera gel, Solstic, Chia Seeds and hemp seeds.
He drinks water with Chlorophyll throughout the day and has a treat of one glass of Kombucha in the evening.
He takes Cats Claw combination to open up the lymphatic system.
He takes Colostrum to bind toxic lectins.
He takes Psyllium Hulls and LBS 11 to feed and cleanse my bowels.
He takes Protease Plus and MC to cleanse my blood of heavy metals.
He takes Berberine IR to keep blood sugars in balance
He takes Super Omega 3 reduced inflammation
He takes Capsicum to increase body temperature.
He takes UC-C for Nerves.
He takes Probiotic 11 to help balance the good bacteria to counter the bad.

David has done the kidney cleanse x4, bowel cleanse and the liver cleanse.

When David started this journey his Body System QA was 88, Glandular 13, Structural 11, Hep 12, Nev 10, Cir 8.
David is happy to report that it is now 17!!!! Glandular 6, Structural 1, Hep 0, Nev 4, Cir 3.

David also lost about 5 lbs on the scale, but his clothes are telling a different story too. David has lost fat and gained muscle, his clothes are looser and his  face and body are more defined. People really comment of his weight loss and how young he looks. Less dark circles under the eyes and is face is rosy and looks so soft.
David no longer has abdominal discomfort or bloating.
David is calmer and more able to deal with stress, thinking is clearer, less forgetfulness.
David has lost his craving for sugar and salt.
David is sleeping better and is feeling more rested in the morning.
David complexion is clearer, smoother and rosy, he looks and feels younger and rested.
David’s skin is not as dry and his nails have stopped breaking.
David’s inflammation and pain is decreasing and his temperature is starting to rise to, he will continue to work with Heather to get healthy and enjoy this gift they have found together.