Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TAFYH Evaluation

TAFYH  Evaluation

Kim DeBoer

Ahha’s:   The parasite had a life cycle composed of three stages: a coccus, a rod, and a spore sac stage.”  The 4 root causes to all diseased conditions are: Nutritional deficiencies Toxic over loads Physical trauma Mental Emotional Stress There are stem cells in every organ and gland of the body. Your body repairs itself in less than 365 days. Muscle cramping, dizziness and feeling faint may be indicators of salt and water deficiency in the body. Chlorophyll is called Liquid Sunshine because it is loaded with energy from the sun.  You can actually change your thoughts and attitudes by taking positive ACTION, no matter what you're thinking or feeling! Optimal core body temperature is 98.6F (37C).  Stagnant blood and lymph leads to infectious conditions and the diagnosis is cancer, fungus, Candida. insufficient oxidation due to foreign toxins in the blood, lack of minerals and lack of oxygen are the real cause of disease.  Bacterial, microbial, viral infections in the body form as a result of an accumulation of toxic waste debris that the body has not been able to dispose of. There are 6 Chinese Constitutional Elements.Each element has a specific purpose in serving the whole body.  If the lymph system in the liver is overloaded with toxins and fails to function properly then it ends up as an “itis”.  Every nerve ending from every organ and gland of the body meets in the colon.  Potassium is found in all good foods we eat. Weak kidneys create weak bones when waste acids can’t be flushed efficiently from the body, causing mineral loss from the bones.  the meridian system brings vitality to every organ. Your liver filters harmful toxins out of nearly 100 gallons of blood every day. : Every nerve ending of every organ and gland in the body meets in the teeth. Vitamin D3 is destroyed by phytates in grains. Candida can settle in the brain area just as it can in any organ and gland of the body

Time: It was a great way to start my day! The time was great for me as I am a morning person. I could exercise, do my ionic breathing and drink my smoothie before the call. I looked forward to it every morning. The calls kept me accountable and did not disrupt my regular work schedule.

Education: I loved all the lessons! I thought I had a lot of knowledge about health and the body already, however, I found out that there is so much more to learn. The lessons were very informative and easy to understand and implement. I found that I was using the knowledge I learned to help my clients with some of their health issues. Very Valuable!

Structure: I liked that the calls were only 15 minutes long and were very prompt and regulated.
The structure of sharing the ahhas and concepts from the previous lesson on the day of the new lesson worked very well.

Commitment: I was totally committed to the program and I can honestly say that I did not cheat once.
My eating habits were already really good so that part was quite easy for me. It has been 10 weeks since I had a glass of wine and that was easier then I thought it would be. If you are going to do something you might as well do it to your best ability.

Application: I gained so much more knowledge with this course that I can share with others too help them with their health and happiness. I liked it so much that I am implementing TAFYH into my healing practice.

Implications: I think that most people just don’t know how to take control of their health. They have not been educated in school and especially not from their family doctors. Knowledge and awareness is key!
The more knowledge and education we can share with others the healthier the planet will be.

Reaching Others: I am so impressed with this program and the value that it offers that I am training to be a leader.  The knowledge and information that is shared will help so many of my clients and their families get their lives back.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I loved the BSQ’s as it identified the areas that needed the most attention. I also loved the fact that you could redo the questionnaire to track your progress and results.
I started the program at 47, I then tested in about 7 weeks in and my score was 22 today it is 9.
I still have some work to do but I am going in the right direction

Comments: Thank you Donna for developing this course! The world needs it! I look forward to working with you and helping to educate others on how to take control of their own health and heal their bodies, emotionally. Physically and mentally.