Tuesday, July 11, 2017

TAFYH Completion Ceremony TAFYH Team 36 July 11/2017.

TAFYH  Completion Ceremony TAFYH Team 36 July 11/2017.
Congratulations to 5 new TAFYH Grads who really “got it!” In our world there is no such thing as cancer or any other disease; there is only a nutritional deficiency and inflammatory toxins!!
Erin: diagnosed with breast cancer
May 2017 BSQ 101 Glandular 15, Nerves 15 Reproductive 15
July 2017 BSQ 67 Structural 12 Intestinal 8 Urinary, Nerves, Glandular 7
Improvement 34
Energy increase is dramatic
Sleeping well
Excessive fatigue is gone
Menstrual cycle has returned
Clearness of mind
Breast pain has decreased from a 10 to a 2
Anger and depression is gone
Tremendous breakthroughs
Lost 5 pounds

Jane diagnosed with breast cancer
May 2017 BSQ 39  Nerves 8 Glandular 7 Reproductive 7
July 2017 BSQ 28 Nerves 7 Reproductive 6 Glandular 4
Improvement 11
Energy improved
No longer fatigued
Cold hands and feet are gone
I am following a program and there is no reason for me to have any health issues.
No more getting up at night to go to the bathroom

May 2017 BSQ 24  Digestive 4 Circulation 4 Intestinal 3
July 2017 BSQ 6   Digestive 1 Circulation 0 Intestinal 2
Improvement 18
Digestive issues and abdominal pain is gone
Craving for sugar is gone
Decrease in mucus
Cold hands and feet are gone.

May 2017 BSQ 60 Structural 8 Urinary 8 Glandular 12
July 2017 BSQ 39 Structural 5 Glandular 6 Respiratory 6
Improvement 21
Aches and pains that I thought were old age are gone
More energy
Normal bowel movements
Fewer leg cramps
Lost 10 pounds
More relaxed , more patient
Sore shoulders are almost gone
Dissolved and passed gall stones

May 2017 BSQ 82 Intestinal 12 Nerves 12 Glandular 12
July 2017 BSQ 45 Nerves 6 Intestinal 8 Hepatic 6
Improvement 37
Lost 14 pounds
Chronic pain in the hip is gone and stopped all other treatments
Digestion has hugely improved
Nerves have settled and anxiety has disappeared
Less stiffness
Kicked the coffee addiction
Energy increased dramatically
Viral infection and toe infection were cleared up with Cat’s Claw instead of antibiotics
No more achy legs
Inflammation and puffy wrists are gone
Sleep has improved
Vitality is over the top and can play with grandchildren!