Wednesday, September 27, 2017

ABCDE TNP Model for RD

ABCDE TNP Model for RD;

BSQ Total: 18, Glandular 6, Nerves 4, Hepatic & Digestion 2.
Maintain Simple Health Support Activity Goals and do Journaling.

A – Activate:

·         Exercise on rebounding trampoline, stretching, core muscles forming, ionic breathing.
For lymphatic system with 2 capsules 2 times per day Cat’s Claw with meals or smoothies.

B – Build:

·         Eating the quality right organic protein foods: ocean cot fish  and meet grass fed, turkey, eggs-yokes all fed on grass with no grains, antibiotics, hormones. Animals shall be humanly butchered and processed.
·         Eating the quality right organic vegetables: cruciferous dark leafy vegetables, cucumbers, zucchini, onion, garlic, spicy food etc.
·         Eating quality organic fermented food: home made sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, borsch…
·         Eating organic healthy fat: nuts, hemps, coconut oil, ghee butter, olive oil.
·         Eating quality organic berries.
·         Busting digestion by drinking apple cider vinegar and taking betaine hydrochloric with pepsin tablets 2-3 before meal especially when meet is included.
·         Drinking filtered water, chlorine, fluoride, bromide water free.
·         Drinking quality macha green tea, white tea – includes high content theanin for calming and sleeping, chaga tea –very high antioxidant and clensening pituitary gland.
·         Drinking superfood as 2 glasses of smoothies per  day including:
Red – 1oz Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic for glandular system.
Yellow – 1scoop Flax Hull Lignans  (binds xenoestrogens) and Solstic energy for vitamins, & antioxidants. 
White – ½ scoop Collatrim Plus for leaky guts.
Blue -  water and berries, green leaves or watermelon .
Green - chlorophyll and juice from extracted vegetable dark green leaves.
Extra additives to smoothies : Chicory, Bee Pollen, grinded psyllium ½-1 flat tea spoon for additional fiber.

C- Cleanse:

·         Psyllium Hulls 1tsp, LBS 11 3 capsules-daily, cayenne pepper, water and chlorophyll 2 to 3 times per day.
·         Circulatory System on going process, Liver / Gallbladder and kidney cleanse every 2 months.
·         Do colon cleanse every other Friday.
·         Test for candida and process required cleansing.

D – Direct:
Take herbals specific for my body system:
§  Colostrum for immune function and for stem cell reproduction taken first thing in the morning.
§  Protease Plus 7cap, Acidophilus 3cup for optimal gut health.
§  Stress Pack 1 pack 2 times per day.
§  Arginine 1 scoop for circulation in the morning.
§  AD-C  and Vitamin B Complex 1 tablet 2 times per day.
§  Review the supplements and adjust as needed.

E – Exercise and Express gratitude:  

·         Express 3 x gratitude first thing in the morning…….
·         Maintain positive mind set and thoughts
·         Meditation daily

Inflammation and possible source: 

·         Avoid any GMO and commercial grown food all kind.
·         Maintain periodic visits to holistic dentist and do required holistic dental work.
·         Maintain using any products free of Xenoestrogens on daily basis.