Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dawn's Health Plan

Dawn's Health Plan

A - Activate: Continue doing ionic breathing. Using my rebounder
and my elliptical machine. I am going to join the YMCA as I enjoy lifting
weights and I need to improve my muscle tone. I will continue
taking Cat's Claw for my lymphatic system.

B - Build : Continue to eat the right foods. Continue to stay 
away from grains , legumes and sugar.  I will continue drinking two smoothies
a day containing Chinese Mineral Chi, Collatrim  Plus , Liquid 
Chlorophyll, Flax Hull Lignans, flax oil and Soltic Energy. I will
continue to drink plenty of water with chlorophyll throughout the day.

C - Cleanse: I will continue to drink Psyllium Hulls and take 2 LBS 11
daily. I will continue to do bowel cleanses , kidney flushes and 
liver cleanses.  I also plan to do a gallbladder flush as I know that I have gallstones.
Direct Herbals: I will continue to take my Cat's Claw Combination , MC ,
Paw Paw,  Colostrum,  Protease Plus , probiotics, vitamin D and flax seed oil.
In the future I plan on buying healthier makeup.
   I also plan on increasing the amount of exercise I am doing as I
know it's not enough right now.
>     I want to start wearing a ELF microshield chip to protect me from electromagnetic pollution. I am excited to learn that this protection vastly increases the integrity of the entire immune system. 
>    I will continue taking my temperature to ensure that I am warm enough. This is so important , especially if a person has cancer. 
>    I would like to start using the lemon essential oil to release toxicity from fat. I still have a bit around my middle. I think people would love to hear about this as most people I know would love to lose some weight.
>   I would like to do the Core Blend bath for radiation detox as I had several mammograms and a bone scan. They even gave me a note because if I went across the boarder within two weeks of the scan I would test positive for radiation. Scary stuff.
>>>>> I will continue working with Donna and we will make appropriate
>>>>> changes
>>>> and additions of other supplements if need be.