Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dawn's Results

Hi my name is Dawn. Last summer I had foot surgery and could not walk for three months. Near the end of the three months I was able to use crutches. One morning after using crutches my arm felt heavy and sore. I just thought that I had probably irritated my under arm by using the crutches. I went to the doctor several days later. He said something is wrong here and he sent me for a mammogram. I had my first mammogram then they asked me to wait and they called me in two more times to take more pictures. Then October 21, 2016 the surgeon who ordered the test called me in. He told me that I had breast cancer. I started to cry and he went and got my friend. They both stood in the examining room with me and one of them said boy she sure gets upset. It really made me angry. I thought geewhiz I'm not allowed to get upset?. Two months later December 21, 2016 I had my breast removed. I was supposed to just have a lump removed that day but before my surgery they did yet another mammogram and found that it had spread throughout my breast.The doctor recommended I have it removed. He said if you do not have your whole breast removed you will be back here in three weeks having more surgery.  They also removed 19 lymph nodes from mu underarm and six contained cancer.  They wanted me to have radiation and chemo therapy for about six months. I saw an oncologist every every couple weeks. It was very stressful sitting in a small examining room with her while she tried to convince me to have these treatments. I brought in my good friend with me because I wanted a second set of ears because I know when I get very stressed out I can't retain information as I'd like to. When we left the oncologist office he said that didn't sound good at all. He said she had no idea if all this chemotherapy and radiation would help. And when we asked if they could tell after a few years if it worked she said no, there is  no way to tell. So my friend was very skeptical of the whole thing. I was actually very happy to hear he was skeptical because I thought for sure she had convinced him that I should be having all their treatments. They also wanted to do hormone treatments for five years. I said no to the radiation and chemo therapy. And after much thought I said no to the hormone treatments as well. My gynocologist told me she was happy i wasn't doing the hormone treatments as they would cause a fibroid that I have, to grow. I thought that was interesting and I took it as a hint that I was doing the right thing. One day my family doctor phoned me at home on a Saturday and I was very surprised. I've been his patient for over 25 years and he's never phoned me at my home. He told me that the oncologist was venting to him that she was very frustrated that I wasn't doing any of the treatments that she was recommending. I told him that my aunt did everything they asked of her years ago when she had breast cancer and she died. I did not want to follow the same steps my aunt took. My doctor didn't have much to say, I think he couldn't really argue with me which was great. This same doctor told me , weeks earlier, to tell him what they are offering me and he would tell me what he would do. When I told him they want me to do chemotherapy, he said " I would do it , but if I got sick , I would quit. "  Which I found interesting because of course , I would feel sick.
I have known Donna since I was a teenager. My mom and I have taken supplements on and off for many years. My friend goes to a chiropractor here in town. This chiropractor is really into health. He told my friend to tell me to get to see go to see Donna Roth when he found out about was what was happening with me. I was thinking I should go see Donna but it was great that he reminded me. I went in with my friend to see this chiropractor and he said good " Donna is world renowned " when I told him that I was going to see Donna. I thought that was very impressive.This chiropractor is very interested in taking Donna's TAFYH course. Since around the middle of that February 2017 I've been working with Donna and taking lots of supplements every day and drinking two smoothies with Chinese Minersl Chi , chlorophyll, flax hull lignans, and Collatrim plus. I take Paw Paw , Cat's Claw, MC,probiotics, colostrum and a good oil everyday. Recently I went for a follow up to check up with my with the surgeon who did my surgery. It was so stressful , I felt drained for several days afterwards. 
It's been seven months since I've started taking my supplements, eating well and drinking two smoothies a day and I will continue to do this far into the future. As a bonus I have lost over 50 lbs. Donna reminded me that all that unwanted fat was toxins. So that was a neat way to think about it. That extra weight was not only unhealthy but made me self-conscious and unhappy.
 Now when I hear someone with some kind of illness I talk to Donna about it and we forward them information to help them. I love helping other people. It's really quite simple if people will just put in a bit of effort. It is so worth is to be healthy. 
I rarely feel the need to take a nap in the afternoon , which i was doing  once in a while.
 I no longer suffer from terrible heartburn.. Often at night  I would wake up and take a coupleTums. I always carried them in my purse as well. I was eating them like candy somedays. I have not taken Tums for several months, once i changed my eating habits. 
Taking the TAFYH course l learned so much about our bodies and how to take care of them. I really enjoy helping others to get their health back on track. 
Before this course I was confused and very afraid. Now I feel I am on the right track and I will be healthier than ever. I am defintely a work in progress.It just takes the will to be healthier.