Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Evaluation: RD

Evaluation: RD
Ahha’s: I experienced many AHHA sparks. The four root causes of all disease person are : nutrition deficiency, toxic level in the body, stress and trauma. Temperature of the body shall be maintain 37C deg. The entire body requires a proper ionization by performing rhythmic breath intake and directing the flow in both directions along the spine.  The concept and knowledge of Chinse medicine is really applicable in the western society and health improvement.
Time: I found time acceptable. The TAFYH each session length of 15 minutes is deeply directed to the purpose. Participation is very active and mind programming during session and after.
Education: The education during the entire program is so precious to me. Brings to me the most important aspects of health and leading into setup of the proper lifestyle.
Structure: Structure is very practical.
Information: Very informative and focused on the topic and maximum benefits of the participant.
Commitment: Donna commitment to every participant was enormous. Her desire of setting new lifestyle of participant and her full support in doing so was extraordinary. The program setup required my commitment in participation and was very simple and recorded in journal every day.
Implications: The provided knowledge in the program, when really received by participant, is life changing directions and leading to the fullness of living life healthy and in enjoyment.
Reaching Others: Very inviting for each other and welcoming atmosphere.
BSQ’s as form of measurement: The questionnaire form is very informative and body system function indicator. BSQ with more knowledge about herbs helps in the selection of required supplements.

Comments: Great program for any person willing to remove a psychological personal barriers and step in taking personal responsibility and participation in building health and future healthy life.

The closing ceremony was outstanding....WOW!