Wednesday, September 27, 2017

RD Results

RD Results
BSQ score down from 54 to 18, a significant improvement.
Mental clarity, control over thoughts and concentration are improved a lot.
Vitality and energy improved.
Heart palpitations are gone.
Warm feet most of the time.
No craving for sweets.
Pain in joins, crams in muscles are minimal and seldom.
Lost 10lb.
Body morning temperature has increased and blood pressure is more stable.
Intentions: study nutrition, top priority is my body and do all things required, mental and physical exhaustion, no relying on medical support – I took responsibility for my health and life. All intentions are achieved.
I developed very strong self control over my healthy lifestyle and how to live my life well and stay healthy.  
The program is very simple and easy to follow, involves personal participation and small effort. Very suitable for most of the ages.
I thank Donna for her effort to putting together the program and her strong desire for helping other people and especially to those who lost the hope in life.
The program and personal participation are changing life of any person.
The most healthy person shall consider this program for the purpose of health maintenance and prevention.