Monday, December 17, 2018

Results TAFYH Team 45 Dec 2018

BSQ scores dropped from 77 to 42
Mind is clear and more focused
Brain fog has cleared up
Anxiety has lessened and is more in control
No longer in constant flight and fight mode
Back pain has decreased from a 9 to a 6.
Energy during the day
Dark purple under the eyes has subsided
Doing the gall bladder cleanse Erin passed all kinds of little dissolved stones.
Is preparing a Herbal First Aid Kit for Emergency purposes using the TAFYH principles.
Erin’s 3 year old son was afflicted with throat infection and high fever
Erin was able to clear it up with Cat’s Claw Combination and Chlorophyll.
No antibiotics were used. A swab proved the infection was negative.
Pink eye was cleared up using SilverGuard sprayed into the eyes.
The implications in this course are mind blowing.
TAFYH has made me realize that I do not have to rely on pharmaceuticals to fix my issues.
 It has taught me that I can heal my body with the proper mindset, nutrition and supplements.
I don’t not have to succumb to my fears that Western Medicine and Big Pharma has placed on me. 

BSQ dropped from 97 to 44
Had been on a raw food diet for 6 months and the thyroid antibodies kept going up to 97 and Normal is 40
On the TAFYH program for 2 months the thyroid antibodies dropped to 50 almost in the normal range.
Has not experienced a Thyroid rush since doing TAFYH.
Could not help her 6 children; felt like she was going crazy and had no energy; could not even vacuum the floor.
Now thinking is clear
Feeling much stronger
Blood pressure has come up from 85/50 to 104/64
Dark spots on the skin known as melasma ( due to stressed thyroid) on the side of the neck is clearing right up.
“ I don’t have to rely on doctors. I have all the information I need to stay off drugs, flus shots and vaccinations.
Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 degrees C.
Your body rebuilds itself in a year.
Xenoestrogens caused by Candida, lectins from grains cause inflammation.
A healthy microbiome helps your body produce vitamins, absorb minerals and aids in elimination of toxins.

BSQ dropped from 61 to 44
Was sick and tired of being sick and tired
Diagnosed with sever osteopenia and refused to take a deadly drug
Resolved  a severe swelling of the foot with Onsen Therapy from Linda Leeson and TAFYH
Bloating and sugar craving have decreased
Fatigue is gone,
Poor circulation has lessened
This is a work in progress.
There are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions; nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and trauma.
 Paw Paw is almost 1 million times stronger than Adriamycin chemotherapy –
 the Paw Paw program can overcome cancer.
 Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C.
Dr. Hering’s Law of Cure states that disease reverses itself.
The body can heal in 365 days. Weak kidneys create weak bones.
High cholesterol levels are protection from cancer and heart disease.
Gall stones can be dissolved without surgery.
 Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections without antibiotics.
But I had so many issues that needed to be addressed and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired
so I shifted my mindset and stuck to it.
 It is, without a doubt, the best decision I ever made regarding my health.
 Several of my problems, such as bloating, poor quality of sleep, fatigue most of the day, poor circulation,
 sugar cravings, restless legs, chronic pain and inflammation, etc, have either been significantly reduced or eliminated by following specific guidelines.




1.There are four root causes to all diseases
·         Nutritional deficiency
·         Toxic overload
·         Physical trauma
·         Mental/emotional stress
2. Nutrient value of all foods has significantly decreased since 1941
3. 80% of your immune system is found in your gastrointestinal tract
4.  When grains, sugars and antibiotics are introduced to the gastrointestinal track, then the balance is upset. Yeast colonies grow and take over. The yeast grows roots that literally poke holes ino the lining of the intestinal wall causing a syndrome called leaky gut.
5. Lectins cause inflammation and are known to cross the gut barrier and deposit in certain organs of the body causing leaky gut.
6.Candida can be present in any organ or gland. It is the state of having more harmful bacteria and yeast than beneficial. It is fed by sugar, alcohol,grains, starches,antibiotics, steroids,drugs, anti-ulcer medications and birth control pills.
7. Healthy microbiome is important for optimal food digestion as well as help the body to produce vitamins, absorb minerals and even aid in the elimination of toxins.
8. sources of inflammation include stress, emotional injury, physical injury, inadequate sleep, chronic pain, lectins, vaccines,alcohol, xenoestrogens, antibiotics,radiation, environmental toxins,fried foods, sugar, starches, pop,fruit juices,iodized salt, drugs, microwave,mercury fillings, root canals,black mold, 70,000 registered chemicals, birth control pills,plastics,personal and home care products.
9. A body temperature of 37 degree is optimal to push fluids through the body, to get o2 and nutrients to the various tissues and organs. Cancer cannot survive in a body temp. of degrees.
10. Gratitude is one of the most healing emotional states for our mind & body.
11. Ionic breathing-in order to increase left hemisphere activity (linear, language, logical) one can block the left nostril and engage in nostril breathing. To increase the right hemisphere activity (creative,holistic,emotional) the right nostril should be blocked.
12. Depending on activity level, 6 to 8 months from now our bodies will have regenerated nearly 100% of their tissue at the cellular level.
13. The 4 elimination channels are the skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels.
14. If toxic debris doesn’t move out through natural elimination channels chronic and degenerative diseases result.
15. Cats claw can clear the most horrendous infections.
16. the lymphatic system addresses all toxins that cause inflammation.
17. The colon is connected to every organ and gland in the body.
18. Kidneys are responsible for the fluids that travel along the spine to the brain known as cerebral spinal fluids. The regulated the PH at cell level and maintain mineral balance.
19. Fear creates unwanted acids which can accumulate in cells and tissues.
20. high cholesterol readings were associated with protection from cancer and neurotoxins (toxins that damage nerves)
21. the liver is the major center for neutralizing environmental toxins and the primary organ for preparing nutrients for transport through the blood stream.
22. 70% of medical illness is related to human intervention in the dental structures (teeth and jaw)
23. 80% of people’s exposure to chemicals occurs in the home.

Thank you for adjusting the time to accommodate my schedule. I could have almost used an extra 5 minutes for questions, but then again 5 minutes likely wouldn’t be enough. I understand we all have other commitments, so the time and length worked well.
The information provided in this course is like no other. I’m excited every day to see what new research I will be provided. Although I might not miss the nightly homework, I am going to be sad this course is ending. The information is reliable and extremely invaluable that I am very grateful to have been educated with. I hope I can find many open minded people to share my new knowledge with.

I loved the set up of this program. I’ve been part of another holistic health program for many years where I was provided with several chapters of information to read through on my own and then have access to a private Facebook group. Three years later, I can say I still haven’t gotten through all the material. I love the set up of the TAFYH and TAG team to keep me accountable and motivated. The information was eye opening and remarkable. My only wish is that I had a photographic memory so I could remember and share it all.

The shorter time period of 15 minute daily calls makes it much easier for me to commit due to my busy work and mom life. Knowing I had other team members relying on my participation made me more dedicated to participate every day. And it also made me more committed to the food and supplement plan.

The implications in this course are mind blowing. TAFYH has made me realize that I do not have to rely on pharmaceuticals to fix my issues. It has taught me that I can heal my body with the proper mindset, nutrition and supplements. I don’t not have to succumb to my fears that Western Medicine and Big Pharma has placed on me.  There are so many times I found myself enraged when I’ve tried to share tips with others in order to help them. But unfortunately I find there are still too many closed minded people in my circle. People are brain washed with the Western Medical way of life, it upsets me. But I realize I only have control over mine and my son’s health so that is my focus. There are so many implications from TAFYH that I’ve learned that I will pass onto my son and partner. Hopefully eventually I will have the opportunity to share the many wonderful tips with other friends and family.

I am hopeful that many of my Aha’s and concepts resonated with my TAG team and they will be more informed to make healthier choices going forward. I do have a hard time making suggestions to many friends and family members because they are brain washed by Big Pharma. I do plant the seed and hope this will entice them to realize nature medicine is the real cure.

Great way to target the problem areas and know where to prioritize my healing process. I would have liked to have a lesson early on where we discussed our results and made our action plan of sorts.
I am so grateful you were persistent in encouraging me to sign up for this course. I continuously brag about you and your work. I will continue to make referrals in hopes others will sign up and see that is possible to heal ourselves naturally.

Health Plan

Health Plan – Tricia Clark Darby
December - 2018
A – Activate: With Ionic breathing, exercise using DVD and Easy Vitality machine, continue to use Cat’s Claw for lymphatic/immune system.
B – Build:  Have Super Food Shake daily
ü  Mineral Chi Tonic am and pm
ü  Flax Hull Lignans
ü  Colatrim Plus am and pm
ü  Berries am and clean water several x daily
ü  Cholophyll in glass of clean water 4 x daily
Notes: Eliminate grains, sugars, legumes, processed foods and antibiotics. Eat the right foods.
C – Cleanse: Psyillium Hulls Combination 2-3 tsp twice daily and  2 LBS 11 2 x daily. Bowel cleanse once a month, kidney flush weekly until results are achieved, liver/ gallbladder flush twice a year.
      Notes: Once I educate myself on other cleanses, I will plan to do more of them within the year.
D – Direct Herbals:
ü  Digestive: Enzymes, Cholophyll, Aloe Vera juice
ü  Hepatic: Liv-C, Hydrangea, Lecithin
ü  Respiratory: AL-C Combination
ü  Circulation:  Capsicum, MC
ü  Structural: Liquid Calcium, CA-ATC, Collatrim Plus
ü  Nervous: Magnesium Complex
ü  Glandular: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
ü  Immune: Cat’s Claw. Curcumin, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
ü  Intestinal: Psyllium Hulls Comb., LBS11, Pau-D-Arco
I will monitor body temperature and do the Candida test monthly.
I plan to replace all cleaning products with non-toxic products. I am committed to continue using non-toxic skin care and h

Success Story Tricia

Success Story – Tricia
December, 2018
My story begins with a swollen foot in about May of this year. I tried to stay as mobile as possible despite the pain and difficulty in squishing my foot into a shoe that really did not fit at this point. The blue/purple colour of my foot indicating very poor circulation, had me a tad worried. Weekly chiropractic adjustments had no effect. However, I remained optimistic that the problem would soon resolve itself, but after about 4 weeks with no change I reluctantly went to see my doctor who ordered an x-ray. The x-ray showed a 1.9 cm shadow on my tibia (shin) and the doctor, of course, thought the worse and ordered a CT to rule out bone cancer. The CT showed that the ends of the tibia and fibula nearest to the foot were almost invisible resulting in a diagnosis of severe osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis) which was shocking to me. In a follow-up visit with my doctor, he stated that I may have to go on medication if the problem worsened. I told him I would find a solution to the problem and would not be taking a deadly drug, although at the time I had no idea what the solution might be. Meantime, I’m still suffering from my swollen foot. I re-read the CT report and one word jumped out at me – “cuboid” which is a cube shaped bone located at the ankle! That for sure was an ‘ahha’ moment for me and I instinctively knew that it was my problem so with chiropractic adjustment and assistance from Linda Leeson, an Onsen therapist, the foot swelling was resolved within a week! However, I still had the osteopenia issue to deal with so Linda recommended that I see Donna Roth. Linda was confident that Donna could help me. I met with Donna who impressed and inspired me with her knowledge of an alternative method to achieve great health and her level of success in helping people, to not only restore their health but be better than they were before their illness/disease by committing to following her advice. I was ‘in” and wanted to know more so I could once again be well. I committed to the TAFYH program although I really did not comprehend that it was a 2 month commitment which seemed like a very long time and how would I manage with juggling my other commitments! But I had so many issues that needed to be addressed and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I shifted my mindset and stuck to it. It is, without a doubt, the best decision I ever made regarding my health. Several of my problems, such as bloating, poor quality of sleep, fatigue most of the day, poor circulation, sugar cravings, restless legs, chronic pain and inflammation, etc, have either been significantly reduced or eliminated by following specific guidelines.
I believe it was Divine intervention that, through a series of events, lead me to these knowledgeable and inspiring women and it was Divine intervention that kept me committed to the program.
My success story is a work in progress so I am unable to sign off yet. Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

TAFYH Evaluation

TAFYH Evaluation - Tricia Clark Darby

Ahha’s: I had many ‘Ah ha’ moments in this course. There are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions; nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and trauma. Paw Paw is almost 1 million times stronger than Adriamycin chemotherapy - the Paw Paw program can overcome cancer.  Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C. Dr. Hering’s Law of Cure states that disease reverses itself. The body can heal in 365 days. Weak kidneys create weak bones. High cholesterol levels are protection from cancer and heart disease. Gall stones can be dissolved without surgery. Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections without antibiotics.

Time: I found 8:40 am to be very acceptable.  It is amazing how much information can be given in 15 minutes.

Participation: I like the participation format. The few minutes the participants had for a brief greeting prior to beginning the lesson was appreciated.  I enjoyed receiving the information and instruction about tests and cleanses and the experience of doing them.

Education: The education I have received has been comprehensive and beyond what I could ever have imagined.  The course material delved deep into the causes and effects and natural remedies for diseases and pointed out how everything is interconnected.  This course has given me a much deeper understanding of what I thought I knew. It gives me the tools to heal myself and help others do the same.

Structure: The course was well organized in regards to time and content.
Information: There is a huge amount of vital information in this course. I plan to go through each lesson as many times as it takes for me to absorb and reflect on the details and then take informative action.

Commitment: The time (8:40am) and duration (20 min) of the class was perfect! It allowed me to take the course and free up the rest of the day for my other commitments.

Application: This course has supplied a vast amount of detailed information and practical solutions to any disease issue. Once I have studied the data and comprehended its’ application, I would then feel confident in my ability to help myself and others more effectively.

Implications: Knowledge is power but action is required.
-  It is comforting to know that the power of healing is within me and to restore my health I simply need to give my body what it needs, remove what is poisoning it and nourish it through eating ‘right’ foods and ‘right’ thinking.
- In adopting  a new lifestyle and learning to obey the Laws of Health, I can be pain free, disease free, and saturated with new life and vitality
- Because of my acquired new knowledge, I know that for every illness/disease there is a non-toxic solution.
- Being confident and taking responsibility for my health, I am able to eliminate anxiety about my decisions
- It is important to me to stay committed to my new lifestyle, not only for my benefit but for the benefit of my family and friends
- I want to be the change I want in my family and my world

Reaching Others:  Sending my ‘ahhas’, concepts, gratitude and creating statements to my TAG team was a very positive experience. They accepted the statements as factual, informative, thought-provoking and non-preachy. More than half my team were in awe of the information and it has inspired at least one of them to implement some of the suggestions.  What is most important is the seed is planted!

BSQ’s as form of measurement: When I did the BSQ myself at the beginning of the course, it was an ‘ahha’ moment for me. Being a visual person, it definitely left an impact. Having others do the BSQ has given me insight regarding their degree of motivation – does the questionnaire create interest leading to more questions or avoidance by their unwillingness to discuss it. One thing for sure, the seed is planted again. An excellent tool!

Comments: I am very grateful to you, Donna, for your passion to continue with this course for so many years. And for your willingness and availability to mentor individuals that continuously call on you for assistance. And for your organizational skills and wisdom that come with years of experience. And for the many other tasks you take on for the benefit of others. I can only imagine the massive amount of work and energy it must take for you to stay motivated and committed on a daily basis. I am grateful to you for providing the key for a lifetime of perfect health!

You are appreciated, Donna.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

My Therapeutic Health Plan

My Therapeutic Health Plan
By following these steps I see my health becoming a joyful exciting way to the future.
I Activate with 3 to 5 hours of exercise, doing ionic breathing a few times a day. I add Cats Claw for my lymphatic system.
I Build my day by eating the right foods supplemented by having a Super Food Shake that gives me all the energy colors I need to rebuild my cells. My Red is Chinese Mineral Tonic and tasty Solstice Energy. Yellow is Flak Hull Lignans and my White is Collatrim Plus and cauliflower. Blue is eating berries and drinking water. Green is tasty Chlorophyll.
I Cleanse with Psyllium Hulls Combination and LBS 11. I also do a weekly kidney flush.
For my Intestinal I use LBS 11 and Psyllium Hulls
Circulation- I daily take MC and I also add CoQ10 twice a day.
I take care of my Glandular weakness building up with Chinese Mineral Chi.
Structural: Collatrim Plus
From my Health Plan I am experiencing less stiffness of joints - from a level of 10 to a 1. My Indigestion and stomach acid is almost non existent. My Rheumatoid Arthritis pain is down to a one and my knees are bending on the  inside now allowing me to be able to have more independence. Soon my knees will bent totally so I can once again be able to sit down and have dinner with my husband.
Ionic breathing of fresh outdoor air just before bed and sleeping in a cool room are helping me to sleep through the night.
I have started to replace harmful toxic cleaners replacing these with Nature’s Concentrate. I use Nature’s Fresh is an enzyme spray stain remover and on my skin for other issues.

Now I have a Plan which equals Good Health and a happy life!


BSQ dropped from 26 to 16 Circulation 6 to 2, Glandular 5 to 2, Intestinal 3 to 1 Body temperature was 35.11 and now 36.50 Anxiety has dissipated.
Brain fog has disappeared leaving me with a thirst for more knowledge and being able to remember more.
My pain level which was a 10 is now down to 1.
I am sleeping more through the night.
My weight was 165 now now to 153.2.
My mind is clearer and I am more focused.
I am able to vacuum the whole main floor of our house with very little stress and much faster.
It is beautiful to have warm feet not blocks of ice.
I love what I have learned and am looking forward to being able to teach TAFYH to others!
I have learned that I am in control of my life.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Success Stories : Completion Ceremony TAFYH Team 43

Success Stories : Completion Ceremony TAFYH Team 43, August 23/2018
Congratulations to 5 people who completed TAFYH.
Dr. Sue

BSQ  dropped from 93 to 27, Intestinal 10 to 5, Respiratory 11 to 6, Glandular 13 to 5, Nerves 10 to 2
Body temperature increased from 35.1 to 35.9
Anxiety has dissipated
Food allergies are gone and BSQ Digestive is now at a 0 so improvement is great
Sleeps like a baby
Mental sluggishness is gone
Mind is clear and focused
Memory has improved and childhood memories are returning
No alcohol for 2 months; used to have 3 tonics every night
Skin allergies gone
Shortness of breath is gone; it is now so easy to run, and muscles are not sore
I am now training to be a TAFYH leader

Dr. Sue
BSQ dropped from 30 to 10
My mental approach to my body is now totally different
Indoctrinated in Western medicine I was taught to go to the GP when sick
I thought I would have to get those diseases they talk about.
I learned that I am in charge
I now have access to new information, a focus and a purpose.
I was resistant to this program; I had seen many ND’s and I gave up on alternatives.
I now have a mindset of movement.
My body is now toned
I lost 9 pounds
My skin is glowing
Alcohol and sweet cravings are gone. It was dominating my life.
Emotional swings are gone; I am more balanced
I love the simplicity of life.
It is fun and simple, and it makes me happy.
I am now concerned about other people and I am telling others about this.

BSQ dropped from 108 to 51 Intestinal 12 to 7, Structual 14 to 6, Digestive 11 to 6
Body temperature was 96 and now it averages 97.3
I am more alert in the morning
More mental clarity and more connected
My feet were painfully sore and so cold like blocks of ice; I used a space heater in the summer time
That pain is now gone and no more heater
I have not had a pain injection for a long time now.
My desire for sweetness is gone
Optimism and hope is restored.

BSQ dropped from 49 to 24, Hepatic 8 to 5, Glandular 6 to 2, Structural 5 to 2
Achy joints are gone
Commitment to exercise was tough but now I can ride a bike for 8 k and can do yoga
I lost 5 pounds and lots if inches
Lots more energy
Skin is healthier
Cysts are shrinking and some have gone away
I am eating less; cravings are gone
Bloating has decreased
This is the best thing I could have done.
I am getting old and I don’t have to be in pain or lose my memory.
I feel invigorated, empowered and I love it  and I am sharing it.

Friday, August 24, 2018



Well, I used to define success as reaching your final goal, but that has now changed. I look for changes, however subtle, to define success. So I begin my journey...

I know for sure that I am more alert in the morning hours. No more sluggish feelings but feelings of being ready for the day. 

My feet have lost their sensation of being in blocks of ice. They are still numb and somewhat dead feeling but the extreme cold painful sensation has dissipated

I no longer need a heater on my legs in the morning. 

My desire for sweet things has been curbed. It doesn’t bother me if someone else is enjoying a decadent dessert in my space. Actually, I’m finding fruit too sweet for me. 

Optimism and hope are being restored. 



AHHA’s:  I have been enlightened many times throughout the course. I have had a 180 degree shift from looking at the body as specific systems to looking at it as a  whole.  The body works as a whole and treating it should look at the root of its problems. Our bodies are amazing and should be treated and cared for. 

TIME:  Since we started at 7:30, it was a great way to start the day.  Once I got over not having my summer sleep-ins, the calls became a part of my routine. 

PARTICIPATION:  The conference calls made you accountable for the previous lesson. The calls were a wonderful review and highlighted what stood out for others in the group as well as yourself. 

EDUCATION:  The course offered insightful information in a manageable format. 

STRUCTURE:  I really liked the predictable format. I felt prepared and ready for the day’s lesson. 

INFORMATION:  The information I learned from this course is invaluable. Of the courses I have taken, the knowledge will stay with me and be shared with others.  

COMMITMENT:  Having to be accountable on a daily basis made committing to the course easier.  For one who likes to be on top of homework, as little as may be, worked for me!

APPLICATION: The tools to apply the knowledge gained is straightforward and understandable. 

IMPLICATIONS: The implications are life changing!  I wish I had access to this years ago, but no time like the present 😊

REACHING OTHERS:  Visuals and success stories speak volumes. We all seem to harbour something so it will be easy to open a dialogue after being so informed with this course. Others ahha’s usually start a conversation and so it begins. 

BSQ as a form of measurement:  It is a quick and easy tool to use for assessing the root of health issues. 

COMMENTS:  I am delighted to have been introduced to Donna and this course. I look at it as a life style I didn’t know of before. It was only when my health failed me that I “looked outside the box.”  This is a lifelong journey and one that I plan to see through. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ron's Evaluation

Ron's Evaluation
 I had a lot of Ahha moments in this course.
Most important…there are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions.
Eliminate the “EDIBLE POLLUTION” that we put into our bodies!
Feed our bodies with nutrients instead of chemicals
Rebuild your body instead of treating a symptom with drugs
With regards to the time I feel that the morning motivation and education call is invaluable. I was unable to participate in this call due to work and had to be self motivated. I had no problem completing the cleanses and taking the nutritionals but missed out on being part of the team and gaining the knowledge, motivation and experience that the rest of the team was rewarded with each morning.
Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is invaluable to me.  This education has taught me a new way of life that I can share with others and take with me throughout life

Structure: I liked the structure. I knew what was expected of me every day.
Information: I liked having a new lesson every day. There is so much reprogramming to do to unlearn the disinformation that the large food companies and big pharma have spent a lifetime teaching us.
There is just enough homework to keep us learning without information overload.

I committed to taking the supplements twice a day and doing all of my homework which kept me accountable, learning and on track.

Implications: it was difficult to change my diet and eliminate the bad food choices that have been keeping me sick. Now I am aware of the consequences of poor food choices and shop wiser and can share my new knowledge with sheeple that are eating life altering bad engineered food.

Reaching Others: Again, through this course I have gained more confidence in talking to people about their health.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I love the BSQ’s
I like having a benchmark to gauge my progress.
My BSQ has gone down from 61 to 36

Comments: I am very grateful to you and for all the work that went into this course. I have learned so much and it has reshaped how I think about health and how I process a symptom or disease that someone is explaining to me.
I will be starting the course over to review all of the information now that the big picture has become clearer

Thank you again Donna for all your hard work and dedication to your vision of health
Your program is a blessing and a must have for… well… everyone!
Thanks again,
Ron Coll

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Linda'a Health Plan

Linda'a Health Plan
This is my Health Plan that I will use moving forward to grow stronger in body and mind.
My Mission: is to work on a healthier body and nutritional plan for long term use.
Vision: My vision is losing another 60 pounds within the next year healthy and slowly with the right foods and nutrients of Nature Sunshine Products and to also not be dependent of western medications which I have been taking for the last 3 years for Heart and Diabetes.
Therapeutic Health Plan: is using the ABCD Plan
A – Activate: to continue use Cat’s Claw to help with my lymphatic system and using ionic breathing.  To continue with exercise as in biking, swimming, walking and working out.
B – Build: Continuing to stay away from grains, sugar and legumes in my diet and eating green leafy vegetables and eating organic free range chickens and grass fed beef.  Daily drinking my smoothie that contains: Nature’s Harvest, Chlorophyll, Chinese Chi Mineral, Collitrim Plus and drinking lots of water.
C – Cleanse: To periodically do a Bowel, Liver and Kidney Cleanse – and in the next few weeks I will do a Parasite Cleanse. On a daily I will continue to use Psyllium Hulls Combination and LBS II.
D – Structual – I use LBS II again for my Bowel, Chlorophyll to clean my blood and MC for my heart.
There are other nutrients I will looking into to use to help my body such as: Vitamin B12, Calcuim and Magnesium.
I give gratitude to Mother Earth for the wonderful foods that are supplied for us and I thank Donna Roth for helping me with the TAFYH Course, to help me understand health and the nutrition that will help my body and for teaching me this information to help others.  



My success story for taking the TAFYH program, is the information which I received in learning on how to take control of my health.  Only I am the one who can do this and with being accountable throughout the course has made me a stronger person to take control of my eating habits and nourishing my body with healthy herbs from Nature Sunshine Products.  With this program I have lost inches and a few pounds which I will continue to work in bettering my health and soon to be off my Western Medications.  I am grateful for the knowledge which in time I will be able to help others with their health issues.  As well, I have more energy within my body and clarity in my brain than I have in the past 10 years.  With the start of this course my BSQ (Body System Questionnaire) was 
Total of 98 with the individual high marks were in 
Structural – 14, 
Urinary – 12
Respiratory – 11.  
My numbers 8 weeks later are a follows: 
Total 42 – with my highs marks were in; 
Intestinal - 7, 
Structural – 6, 
Hepatic – 5. 
Whoot Whoot I lost 56 points
TAYFH is an amazing program and I truly believe everyone needs to know their own health.

Linda's Evaluation

I had many Ahha moments in this course which I did not know.  Here are a few that stick out for me.  Dr Otto Warburg noted that lack of oxygen is not the prime cause of cancer – toxins are the prime cause of cancer and sugar feeds cancer.  Ionic Breathing helps with the flow of positive and negative ions in the body.  I learned certain foods to avoid which contains grains, sugar, starches and legumes.  I was fascinated to learn that your body can rebuild itself in less than 365 days and that foods are depleted with nutrients and minerals that feed the body and using Nature Sunshine products helps to regain what we are lacking in our foods of today.
I found the morning worked best for me as I was driving into work and with the help of Grant. Just a few times I had to leave the call as I had to get into work as it went over the 15 minutes.
It helped me listening to everyone’s questions and Donna’s responses.  I felt our group was very supportive and I know we could contact one another if needed too.  It made me accountable with my heavy work schedule with connecting with my support group as well with each lesson.
I enjoyed the education of the TAFYH program and Donna has given us a lot of information to use to educate others with their health.
The structure of the course was perfect, and it was known each day what was expected of everyone.
I really enjoyed each lesson as I learned something new everyday.  Some days I wanted to know more about a certain subject as I know there is more to it. Example:  The Heart with using COQ10 and learning about other products for the heart as I really need to get off all my medications without laser.
When I signed up to for this course I made a commitment to be there each and everyday (only missed one day) and I here to help myself and others.  I’m very thankful and full of gratitude for Donna Roth for taking it upon herself to build this course and share it with others.
I have a better understanding of herbs and nutrition and how my body works with different products especially with doing different cleanse such as: bowel, kidney and liver /gall stone cleanses.  I’m able to come out of my box and I have more knowledge.
The implications are telling others about what we have learned and hope that they are eager to learn what I know.
Reaching Others:
Throughout the course I have reached out to many people regarding TAFYH and Nature Sunshine Products – letting them know that there is an alternative than Western Medication.
BSQ’a as form of Measurement:
I found the BSQ helpful to me once I understood the ABCD of the program.  The people I have done a BSQ for were still skeptical - even after I explained what they needed to help their health.  Some didn’t want to spend the money and then there are those who thought they knew what was best for them.  NEXT…..
As I mentioned before I am full of gratitude for Donna Roth taking on and creating a health program that is easy to follow.  I’m also very thankful that Donna is there for us whenever we have a question or unsure what to do with a certain ailment.  Thank you so much Donna.

Grant ’s Personal Health Plan

Grant ’s Personal Health Plan

My personal health plan contains a new vision and statement for the next five years.
Mission: to move forward, toward a better life style of understanding my health care needs and promoting a stronger active lifestyle for the future.

Vision: within next six months to a year to revise my BSQ scores to check in on how my health plan is working for me in the future and to make the correct changes needed for my personal health.
Therapeutic Health Plan:
            A – Activate: To stay the course by following the using of Cat’s Claw for the lymphatic system, ionic breathing and a strong exercise program to help the structural support of my body as it ages.
            B – Building; To maintain eating the right foods and super foods shakes ad by using the energy colours for support in rebuilding my body back to its natural state of good health.
-          Red is for Chinses Minera Chi Tonic to help Immune System and a miner4al balancer.
-          Yellow is for Flax Hull Lignan’s to help promotes regularity, binds toxic Estrogens and Anti Cancer properties.
-          Green is Chlorophyll to help promote sweet breath, soothes throat.  After Chemo Therapy and is a Blood Builder for the body.
-          Blue is for the water intake for our body ad for berries we eat also for Zambrosa a general tonic to promotes balance.
-          White is for Collatrim Plus helps the rebuild muscle and joints and support the tightening up the weight loss.
C – Cleanse: to maintain a regular cleansing practise for my bowel, kidney, liver and gallbladder flush in a timely manner and along with detox basic and Para Pack.
D – Structural: Zerenity for stress and depression, Spirulina for brain function health, protein ad B12, Probiotic II for my stomach and to control my headaches.
E – I express gratitude toward the people who supported me during my TAFYH and to the universe that supplies me with strength to move in my every day recovery.
To all discomforts such as grains, legumes and sugar product in my diet that causes internal damage to my body, so that they can eliminated from my daily life.