Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I thought I knew a lot about my body but there was always something NEW that I learned from every Tafhy Lesson. So my Ah-ha's were the new concepts I learned:
1. The body rebuilds itself in 365 days.
2. One of the 4 root causes of all diseased conditions are: Mental/Emotional Stress
3. Avoid present day grains.
4. Fructose has the same effect on the liver as drinking alcohol.
5. All disease begins in the gut.
6. Oxidation is the key to healthy cells.
7. A medical Dr. is only describing the process of low body temperature.
8. In healing the physical body the emotions are healed as well. And visa versa- heal the emotions & the physical body heals.
9. The common cold removes excess mucus from the body.
10. High cholesterol is, in fact, protecting our body from dangerous damage to organs & glands.
11. A liver cleanse will rid my body from possible stored emotions of anger & frustration & strengthening the emotion of LOVE.
12. Cancer is caused by vaccines & serums.
13. 85% of our diseases are caused by strong emotions.
14. The brain can repair itself & heal-WOW!
15. We also have to avoid electromagnetic pollution in our world to be healthy.

Because I missed the first intro lesson I did not have any input into deciding the time for our group call. Initially it was tough to meet for our time of 8:15am because we are retired. However, when we went to Mexico the time for the call moved from Pacific time to Mountain time for me i.e. 9:15am. this was much better for me personally cuz I'm not a morning person. I enjoyed & looked forward to starting my day with each call.

The format for everyone to actively share from every lesson was great help & support & made me accountable to complete each assignment. I appreciated having to do the cleanses for homework to help my body.

The wealth of information was amazing. I knew some of it but not ALL of it & the scientific studies to back it up by Dr's was great. I hope to feel more confident sharing this knowledge with others.

The format for each call & lesson was great. Loved listening to the "ON HOLD" song!

The wealth of information was amazing, but invaluable for understanding how our bodies can heal themselves. To learn to take back our power to heal ourselves & not rely on a drug pedaling medical system.

The 100% commitment to do the 10 items on the chart every day was a good way to stay focused on our health goal to heal the body. The time commitment was doable even spending 8 days driving to Mexico. Of course, I'm one of those people that if I pay for something I follow through completely.

I had taken a lot of biology courses 30 years ago & thought I was staying current, but learned so much more up-to-date information about our human body through this course. I hope I can help my kids & husband & anyone else that will listen! I will definitely continue to apply my learning to my life to live to be 100+!!!

The main implication is that the human body can heal itself given the proper correct nutrition & super quality supplements for help if there are physical problems. As Donna says: " there is no cancer in her world, just injuries that can be healed.

I am so very grateful that I chose to take this course overtaking any meds for my diagnoses by my medical doctor. I have learned so much more about the human body & I am very glad that I finally understand how to beat the big C- cancer.

Submitted by ANNE 

Friday, February 2, 2018

TAFYH Completion Ceremony Feb 2/2018

TAFYH Team Completion Ceremony Feb 2/2018
BSQ dropped from 61 to 8
Lost 16 pounds
Blood pressure dropped from 126/84 to 108/78
Energy has spiked
Within 2 weeks of doing TAFYH menstrual cycle restarted after no cycle for months.
“Is grateful for humility and that every person I meet can teach me something.
Is creating passing along positive energy and complimenting strangers.:”
I think of the time lost in sick days. TAFYH is easy and simple to follow. I have accepted ownership of my body. TAFYH makes you remap your thoughts.  It is very non judgemental but TAFYH could infringe on people’s belief systems.

BSQ dropped from 122 to 25
Blood pressure is normal and is off all blood pressure medications
Dropped from 180 pounds to 153 pounds
No more pain in the feet and I could now walk freely with no pain
I don’t cry any more
Laboured breathing is gone
Fear of losing my mind is gone.
Depression, anxiety and stress have all been alleviated.
Now have consistent bowel movements
Pain in the hands is gone.
Could not sleep and now sleep well.
“I acknowledge you, Nan, for going off your blood pressure medication as it is consistently normal at 126/79. Yahoo!!
Is grateful for the dynamics of this group. You are so awesome.”
There are only 4 root causes to all diseased conditions. It is so comforting to know that your body can be restored to perfection. It is amazing how much we can learn in 15 minutes.

BSQ dropped from 67 to 27
Sleeping better
Body temperature increased from 34 to 36 C
Energy levels have increased
Sleeping much better
Is grateful for you , Donna, for teaching me about body temperature. Mine was at 35 when we first started and now it is up to 37 using Capsicum, Mineral Chi Tonic.
 Is grateful for knowing how to dislodge and dispense gall bladder and kidney stones alternatives to laser and medical treatments.
Society is complacent about health. There is truth!. TAFYH made3 me reconsider my health. I am now confident in understanding herbs . We need to treat our bodies with respect.

BSQ dropped from 58 to 28
More energy
More focused
More clarity
Calmness and serenity
Regular bowel movements.
“Is grateful for my Christmas present of removing the mercury filling from my tooth.
I acknowledge you, Amanda, for your excess activities, walking, skiing and weight training for the first time in ages as you were too weak to do so in the past.”
I stopped soda pop and the commitment to TAFYH was not difficult. I will refer to the education again and again. I am feeling strong physically, mentally, and emotionally.

BSQ dropped from 66 to 42
More energy
Less anxiety
Sleeping better
Cravings are gone
Dropped 4 pounds
Blood pressure is now 110/90
“Is grateful for learning this information and being empowered that my health is my responsibility.
 Is grateful for cholesterol; otherwise I would have Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or some other nerve disease.”
Thank you for your work and your pioneering spirit and willingness to dream; this is an amazing journey.

BSQ dropped from 8 to 3
My skin in not dry any more
Shoulder pain is down by 50% “ I had intense pain in my shoulder.”
Lots of energy throughout the day
“Is grateful for knowing that the body is created to heal itself and that diet has something to do with it
Is grateful for Donna Roth and her extensive research and presented in simplified plain language.
 Is grateful for all the Nature's laws that regenerate our magnificent physiology.”
I found TAFYH to be a lot of fun!
Its simple. Deep educational guidance with comprehensibility; short , to the point, scientifically proven and it all makes sense.

Evaluation by R

Ah Has – have all led me to the following big AH HA.
What we eat, getting exercise, ionic breathing and adequate sleep combined with a practice of gratitude and positivity will keep one healthy.  It is in our hands and it is our responsibility.

Time – totally workable.

Structure – gave me an opportunity to see what worked and what did not.  I also got to see which activities supported my efforts. I very much enjoyed getting to know everyone in my group and the support and fun that this process generated.

Implications – a permanent change in my lifestyle and health – for both myself and Michael, my husband.

BSQ – I found this somewhat limited for my specific issues.  My results did not reflect all of the issues that had me begin TAFYH

Comments -  Thank you to everyone for their time, curiosity, humor and commitment.  It has been an amazing journey. 

Thank you for your work and your pioneering spirit; your willingness to fulfill a dream and this amazing journey.

R Success Story

Success Stories –
I have a lot more energy and less anxiety than before. I am able to resist cravings for sweets and am not eating wheat.  I have reduced my dairy consumption by 85% - still have milk in my tea once or twice a day.  I have really come to understand that my health is up to me. The impact of being my word and doing what is best for my body is incredible. Most of the things I think I want to eat are based on habit or a need for comfort and I am really clear that they are just not worth it. 

 My updated BSQ for Feb 1, 2018 is the following:
Dig 3  (original 4)
Hep 3  (5)
Int 2    (3)
Res 0   (0)
Uri 4   (8)
Cir 3    (6)
Ner 7   (10)
Gla 12   (15)
Stru 6    (6)
Imm 0   (2)
Rep 7    (7)

Health Plan by R Feb 2018

Health Plan
Exercise – Cardio (Spin) minimum 5 x week, Yoga 3 x week, Qi Gong 1 x week, Dog walk 2 x daily, Weights minimum 5 x week.
                Also pushups, lunges, tricep and abdominal exercises daily for 3o mins.
                Meditate – 5 minutes per day to start, build to 20.
                Do one other exercise weekly – swim, cross country ski, skate, etc.
Eat the right foods. Organic and grass fed where possible. No processed foods, no grains, no sugar, limited fruit, limited legumes (eventually), limited amaranth & quinoa (eventually), limited alcohol (eventually), limited dairy (eventually & primarily goat and sheep).
Follow whole 30 diet for 60 days and introduce back as works: legumes, amaranth, quinoa, dairy and alcohol. 
Eat primarily vegetables, then proteins (both plant and animal), then fruits, ginger & turmeric, moderate seeds and nuts, omega 3 rich oils and finally very limited complex carbohydrates.  
                Daily smoothie with berries, collagen, lecithin, flax, mineral chi tonic and amino l-glutamine.
                Drink 8 glasses of chlorophyll water daily.
                In the next 3 months, I will do a bowel cleanse, a kidney flush and a liver flush.
                Remove all household toxins – cleaning products and skin, body & hair products.
                Do Candida test bi-monthly
                Vitamin Bs, C, D, E
                Iron 3 x week
Chlorella or Spirulina daily
Maca and Moringa Daily
                Evening Primrose
                Omega 3 oils
                Adrenoplus – Thyroid
                Cats Claw Combination & Cranberry as required
                Laugh daily.
                Sleep 7.5 hrs/night.
                Be creative with my hands at least 1 hr./week.
                Practice gratitude daily.
                Cease complaining.

                Follow a schedule.

Success Stories by Rob

Success Stories by Rob 

As part of the TAFYH curriculum, students learn about the importance of keeping one's body temperature as close to 37C as possible, as all body systems function more optimally if this factor is observed.  Prior to the beginning of the course, Donna concluded from the symptoms that I described to her, that my temperature was low.  When I began measuring it in November 2017, my morning temperature was often between 34C and 35C. I have made a point of incorporating cayenne and a modest amount of red meat into my breakfast, and Mineral Chi tonic and ginger into my daily smoothie and my morning temperature is generally above 36C in the morning.  My understanding is that this is an improvement that will increase my defense against disease.

On August 16, 2017, I had surgery on an infected ingrown toenail.  I feel that the surgeon involved was competent and provided acceptable service.  He advised me to keep the original bandage on for 5 days following the surgery and then I carefully changed it and disinfected the wound every day or two thereafter.  In two weeks, it had largely closed up, and I was then at the point of cleaning it and putting a new band-aid on it daily, just to keep sock lint out.  However, then healing plateaued in that the wound hadn’t completely sealed up, but was still weeping in mid-October.  Additionally, there was some growth of unnecessary tissue, which I removed with nail scissors.

I was fortunate to have a private consultation with Donna Roth at the NSP conference and had meant to ask her advice about this, but the conversation led to discussing TAFYH and I forgot to address this issue.  Shortly afterward in early November, I began taking a daily smoothie and her additional suggestion of Cat’s Claw and Art-A.  I had not considered that this would necessarily have any effect, but before our TAFYH classes began, one day I realized that I had not been changing my toe band-aid because it had successfully healed up.  I was witnessing the current of injury being completed.

When I was 25, I fell off a bicycle and injured my cervical spine.  Initial investigations by a chiropractor within 5 years indicated that I had acquired arthritis in my C4, C5 vertebrae.  I received regular chiropractic spinal adjustments off and on for the next 25 years, spending thousands in treatment fees.  It is my hope that healing my leaky gut, controlling my candida levels and cleansing my blood will result in fewer arthritic neck symptoms and increase my mobility and range of motion.

TAFYH Evaluation Rob February 1, 2018

TAFYH  Evaluation  Rob  February 1, 2018

Ahha’s: I often had several Ahha moments per lesson, so mentioning only one during our follow up during the subsequent lesson often seemed incomplete for me. Touching on some of them:
The Disease Tree:  there are only 4 root causes of all disease conditions and all could be dramatically improved it the causes were addressed, the damaged caused by lectins, the importance of water, the problems caused by Candida, the benefits of maintaining an internal temperature of 37C., the relationships between the organs, body systems, foods, herbs, senses and emotions in the Chinese Constitutional Elements,  Dr. Hering’s Law of Cure establishing that healing follows a regimen,  that organs can heal or be rebuilt in less than 365 days, that there are Emergency procedures for heart attacks and strokes, cancer does not have to be a death sentence,  gall stones can be dissolved without surgery,  Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections without antibiotics, brain infrastructure can be rebuilt, and finally that it is extraordinarily important to compose, document and refer to one’s personal plan to improve and maintain health.

Time:  As this is not my main professional season, I was able to deliver on my commitment to being on the call every day and taking time to review the material afterward.

Participation: I like the opportunity and necessity for every student to participate. Listening to everyone is a great help and support. It was encouraging that in our group were people with significant knowledge in experience in related areas that helped fill in some blanks.

Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is very beneficial.  It has caused me to reconsider some aspects of health that I previously did not understand the importance of.  Society is often complacent about many things. I am grateful that there is truth which is available to those who are willing to search for it.  I am also grateful that periodically, Donna made time to address questions that arose.

Structure: Classes followed the same structure each day, so the next step in the call was predictable, and I knew what was expected of me every day.  I felt the recognition/ acknowledgement section at the end of each week was a thoughtful touch.

Information:  For me, every single day was mostly new information. There was always lots of new material to sink one’s teeth into.  At times, there was some “unlearning” required because as a society, we have been fed significant amounts of wrong information that should be replaced with the accurate information. Having the lessons in print form so I can review the information over and over is a big plus.  I have investigated several of the experts and sources cited, for my own deeper grasp of the subject matter.

Commitment: I am grateful for the daily commitment to continue practicing course principles and incorporating new material and ideas into our lifestyles.  I also thing the Tag Team idea is very important.  Not only do we benefit from the support, but often, team members are interested in exploring what we are learning.

Application: This course has helped me be more confident in understanding herbs (particularly the NSP catalog) and how the body works in systems. I am encouraged to know that what I am learning can actually help anyone who is open to considering that western medicine does NOT have all the answers.

Implications: The implications of all I have learned are deep and significant. I have shared some of these principles with friends and have been encouraged that many agree in principle. It is also interesting to note that I have met others who have also given up sugar, or practice other principles that TAFYH espouses.  The implications could be astounding when more are willing to vote with their money avoid buying processed “Food” and treat their bodies with greater respect.  Real food would get cheaper if it were the majority of what filled grocery stores. 

Reaching Others:   Through this course, I have gained more confidence in talking to people about their health.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I think the BSQ is an effective tool to more accurately diagnose which system may be struggling, rather than just guess at a cause from a symptom.  The people I asked were willing to participate, and asked intelligent questions. Sometimes, people have difficulty knowing where to draw the line between current symptoms and ones that have not been observed in many years.

Future Subject Matter:     As we are on the verge of the legalization of Marijuana, I think a lesson on CBD would be helpful to future students.

Comments: I am very grateful to you and for the hunger that prompted these decades of investigation and work that went into this course. I am grateful to be a beneficiary of the same.

Health Plan of Rob

A - Activate:   I try to live an active lifestyle.  I engage in physical labour for my occupation. I have a three year old husky puppy, who stipulates a daily walking regimen. I try to have a daily swim mid- May through September, and I cut and split several cords of firewood as my source of heat. I like the idea of a rebounder to stimulate my lymphatic system, and possibly may acquire one.  I plan to continue ionic breathing and expressing gratitude. I also plan to continue taking Cat’s Claw (4 twice daily) for lymphatic system.

B - Build: Continue to eat the right foods (green leafy veggies as well as eating the rainbow, wild caught fish, free range chickens and eggs, red meats (including wild caught salmon and grass fed organic beef) avoiding grains, legumes and sugar. I use coconut and avocado oils when I bake lectin free items such as bread, crackers and cookies from coconut, almond and hemp flour.  I also make trail mix snacks from shaved coconut, nuts and seeds. I have also begun to incorporate fermented kim chi into my diet, and plan to make my own fermented vegetables on an ongoing basis.  I will continue to take at least one daily smoothie containing super foods (Chinese Mineral Chi, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone, Zambrosa, Noni, Methyl B-12, Nature’s Harvest, lemon juice, ginger, berries, and flax hull lignans). I am teaching myself to drink plenty of chlorophyll with water.  I also take 3-4 Probiotic 11, per day.

C - Cleanse:  I take two scoops of Psyllium Hulls Combination, and 2 LBS11 daily. I plan periodic bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanses, at least annually.  I also plan to embark upon the oral chelation procedure in February of 2018, and eventually, a Heavy Metal Detox cleanse.

D - Direct Herbals:  I am currently taking glucosamine for my arthritis (1/day), Focus ATN (1/day), Protease Plus (4/day on an empty stomach), Vitamin D3 (1/day),  CoQ10( 2/day) and Art-A with Devil’s claw (2/day) and Cat’s claw Combination (4/ twice daily)

E – Emotions:  I am grateful that TAFYH underscores the connection between physical and emotional health and that self-analysis checkups will be part on my ongoing maintenance program, as I continue to recognize how fortunate I am and acknowledge blessings present in my life.

To the best of my knowledge, I have no remaining mercury fillings.  I have a couple of residual root canals that need to be removed in the imminent future. During the timeframe of the recent TAFYH course, I was informed by my dentist that I have one dead tooth (currently pain free) that also needs to be addressed.

I am planning to begin the INFORM program in two weeks with the intention of developing good eating habits, and eventually offering the program in this area.  I also plan to continue to reread the TAFYH curriculum and further research the subject matter we have addressed.  Knowledge continues to evolve.

My plan is to avoid anti-biotics, commercial painkillers, vaccines and severely limit pharmaceuticals.  I am grateful for natural methods taught in TAFYH to address pain and discomfort. 

Also, I plan to research the cleaning and personal care products that are in my house on the ewg.com website,                                                            discontinue using any which are unhealthy, and then incorporate non-toxic products in my home, including Nature’s Sunshine Concentrate.

At the beginning of next year, with Donna’s guidance, I will evaluate where I am at and make appropriate changes and or additions to this plan.